My 1000th post - and a real, free gift for my friends here, no opt in required!

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Hey guys,

So for post number 1000 here, I wanted to share a free gift with you that I know can help you in your business or can be used to help you grow your clients businesses if you follow the advice here.

It's a report I wrote called "Selling Secrets of the World's Greatest Salesman - Joe Girard" and it contains 15 pages of great, time tested tips and tactics and it's free for you with no opt in required. I highly recommend Joe's book to anyone, but consider this the "cliff's notes" version with all the excellent parts of his book rolled into 15 easy to read pages.

The following is an outline of the report and you can learn a lot just from that alone, but go here Secrets of the Worlds Greatest Salesman to download the report yourself and give it a thorough read.
Sales Secret #1 - Remember that prospects are human beings just like you.

Sales Secret #2 - Girards Law of 250

Sales Secret #3 - You need to sow before you can reap.

Sales Secret #4 - Keep your name in front of your customers on a regular basis.

Sales Secret #5 - Hunting with Birddogs

Sales Secret #6 - Get prospects to know, like and trust you

Sales Secret #7 - Allow prospects to demo or sample your products/services

Sales Secret #8 - Find out what prospects want and then sell them THAT!

Sales Secret #9 - Do what you do best and get help to grow your business

Sales Secret #10 - Winning after the close
I hope you find this helpful and would love to hear your thoughts about the report in the thread here after you've had a chance to read through things.

My thanks to so many of you here that I continue to learn from on a regular basis, and here's to another hopefully good and helpful 1000 posts! =)

Make it a great weekend!

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