How much are you making from web design?

by ckbank
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Okay. Okay. I don't REALLY need to know. Just wanted to catch your attention. But seriously, how would you rate your earnings. Minimum wage, I can drive a used Benz, or I can open a small used car dealer? :p On to more serious things. Some of you probably have seen my previous posts. Well, like many of you, I planned but still haven't started selling web design. I'm sort of confused. I've been also looking for a job, but now I don't know if I should quit looking for a job and just dive into web design in full gear. If I can make 30K-40K a year with web design, I'm okay with it. Today I'm creating a list of prospects. Tomorrow I'm cold-calling. Here's the problem though. As of right now, I still don't have my own website offering web design services. Just a rant and some questions. Any tips and critique is appreciated.
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