How would you market a new Cocktail Mixer company?

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My friend is opening up a craft Cocktail Mixer company and he was asking about the best ways to market (on and offline).

Anyone have any out of the box ideas?

The target market is 25-35 year olds with college degrees and are the type of people that eat organic/shop at whole foods/care about food quality.
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    print up one of those one page, laminated drink recipe guides but substitute his product in the appropriate spots.

    put the logo on the other side, with a couple of "hot, new" drink recipes.


    laminated bookmarks with a cool pic of his product on one side and a couple quick drink recipes on the back.

    sure you could use a QR code (not up to speed on that myself.)


    any type of bookmark, bar guide, or coupon linking to a YT "bartending school channel"
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    I would suggest looking into and do a direct mail piece.

    Not sure if infofree has a section that targets drinkers, etc but I feel like they do.

    Then craft a postcard, flyer, etc and send it on out! Easier said than done, but just an idea.

    I highly targeted direct mail piece can yield some respectable results.

    Not cheap though!!

    BOB ROSS is the man when it comes to direct mail. Check out some of his WSO's for more info...

    There are 2 types of people in this world....those who get it and those who don't. The ones that get it know exactly what we are talking about. The ones who don't are left scratching their heads.

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    Originally Posted by criniit View Post

    The target market is 25-35 year olds with college degrees and are the type of people that eat organic/shop at whole foods/care about food quality.
    I'm trying to picture in my mind a granola eating college graduate with a bag of trailmix in one hand and a margarita in the other. It's not computing! What am I missing?
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    Has your friend spoken to his target market and asked if they're interested in and willing to pay for a product like this, and where and how they would buy something like this?

    Does whole foods sell cocktail mixers? Is his goal to get into retail stores or sell direct?

    I would think his best bet (assuming there is a market for this) would be sending samples to influential people in the industry hoping to get some great PR from all this. Either way, it's not going to be cheap and I hope he's got a good sized marketing budget for this.
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    In my view direct mail marketing is best online method of marketing and telemarketing is good offline method of marketing.

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    I saw Red Bull long before it blew up huge. They went to trade shows bar/restaurant shows, had hot girls pass out free drinks. Nothing new. Sex and free booze did it for them.

    What I'd do is get sexy girl promo teams to hit the bars and give away samples to build awareness and demand.

    This type of business is built by putting it in mouths. Period.

    On a cheaper scale, you could hit colleges and provide samples to frat/sorority parties. If it's good, word will spread fast.

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    Organize a "pre-launching" party where you can and have your friends, acquaintances, and even rivals over your event. Set up a free demo of your product and try to ask for feedbacks, comments, and suggestions, that will help you determine what factors in your product are still needed to be improved and modified. However, this marketing strategy may sound laborious to you unless and until you hire a telemarketing service provider that will effectively do the job for you.
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      Farmers markets are great places to get products out there inexpensively offline. Trade shows was another great suggestions. I remember visiting a booth at a tradeshow when Stonewall Kitchen was just a tiny company with hardly any distribution.

      Since they know their target market, that's great. They shouldmake a list of other businesses that serve the same target market that they could approach to promote their product on an affiliate basis.

      They should find blogs in which they can guest blog.

      Approach local stores about doing in-store demos...

      These are just a few ideas.
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