What to Do If There's A 1/2 In The Address

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I tried finding the answer to this myself but was obviously unsuccessful. What is the best way to format your address and citations when you have a 1/2 in your address.

For example:

5846 1/2 Warrior Rd.

Do you put the half in? Do you use a decimal? Not sure. Anyone know?
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    According to USPS you use the 1/2 232 Street Name
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    Hi there,

    One of our clients in the US mails a ton of stuff. They say you have to put in the 1/2 as it actually sometimes signifies a completed different building, or address.


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    And make sure you put it in the proper place.

    Around here 1/2 is relatively common. We have numbers with 1/2 ex 4224 1/2 and streets with 1/2 ex 8 1/2 steet.
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    I'd also Google other businesses that have an address with the '1/2' in it. See how Google treats the 1/2 and that will give you a clue as to how you should be building your citations and creating your own listing.
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    You should use the 1/2 because the old address may have been 5846 Warrior Road at one time, but now a second home or business was added to the lot because there was enough room to do so and the cities zoning laws allowed for someone to build another home or business on the property.
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