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I have my own domain of course, but the name has an N in it and when I leave voice mail messages I'm worried the listener might hear M instead. I have been just leaving my phone number, but I'm wondering if I'm cutting down the chances of a return contact. What I'd like to do is create a short URL that's easy for the person to understand, remember and type that will take them to the contact me page on my web site where they can fill out or a form or click my email address.

It probably isn't as good as having my own short domain, but it's not easy finding a good, relevant short domain in .com or .biz. Has anyone ever tried a service like tiny.cc or goo.gl for this? What were your results?
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    Why a shortener?
    Why not just a cheap domain with a redirect?

    Like GetMoreClients.Info that re-directs to Hesster.com or whatever you url is.
    .Info's are cheap enough. Plus, more names are available.
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    The problem is with URL shorteners is that they make a URL which is even worse to say over the phone and as they are not creating an actual word I am sure you will find many people will not understand the URL and won't bother.

    I have a website called articlefarm.com and goo.gl shortens it to: http://goo.gl/VzWNg
    Which is better and easier to say or understand on the phone!!!

    If you are truly worried about 'N' being mixed up with 'M' then I agree that you'd be better to buy a cheap but easy to hear/read domain and have it redirect to your main domain.
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      There's a few reasons I was thinking about using a URL shortener instead of another domain.

      Some URL shorteners allow you to set a custom word instead of a random mix of numbers and letters. I can set it as something like tiny.cc/keyword, so the randomizer isn't an issue.

      It's free and tracks the number of times someone enters the URL so I can check the effectiveness of different keywords.

      No waiting for DNS changes or problems with redirecting.
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    You could use e.g YOURLS on your own domains instead of goo.gl or other 3rd party shorteners. Has fantastic tracking, custom short URL, ... and more

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