If you are doing this, you may deserve to fail.

by Dexx
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Just wanted to pop in and leave a quick message regarding a common trend I have noticed / observed over the years...

If you are one of the posters that is struggling to generate a significant amount of revenue, my only question to you is: What percentage of your family and friends know what you do?

That answer better be 110%.

Every one of your family members and friends should know that you have your own MARKETING business (and make sure they realize this isn't some Multi-Level Marketing / Pyramid scam...since they all claim to have "their own business" too these days), and HOW you help businesses.


Because THEY will either know someone, or bump into people (as they go about their day), who will be the TARGET MARKET you work with (i.e. a small business owner / manager).

When your family members and friends are talking to such people, and those business owners mention they have a problem (i.e. no website, poor sales, ineffective marketing etc.) it SHOULD spark a lightbulb in the mind of your family and friends to mention "Hey! I know someone who could help you!"

Nobody said YOU have to build your business alone, and nobody said YOU have to spend a ton of money to generate new clients.

Warm market referrals work excellent for a multitude of reasons, but mainly the authority positioning it does for your business by having someone else recommend you as a solution for a business's problem instead of you.

Hell, you should make sure anyone you meet at anytime knows what you do for just that reason!

I was recently at a social dinner event at a community hall, and the table I was sitting at had various individuals sitting at it...

One of the individuals at the table mentioned what he does in his spare time (hunting), and then another man mentions how he enjoyed hunting but didn't have much time lately as he was busy with two businesses. (My lightbulb moment of opportunity)

I then casually mentioned how I'd never been hunting before, but that I also never really see hunting stores doing much to attract potential new hunters via their marketing...

This led to more discussion, and the man who had two businesses asked what I do (now that I had semi-brought myself into their conversation).

I casually mentioned how I help businesses increase their sales by 30% - 90% in as little as 30 days, and he asked how I do that. The key is to prompt curiosity in the minds of a potential prospect.

I then gave a couple examples of ways that a hunting store could increase their sales, while probably reducing their marketing costs, and right away the business guy asked for my business card.

Simple stuff folks.

In Summary:

1) Make sure YOU know how you help businesses, and be able to explain it in 15 words or less.

2) Make sure your friends and family ALSO know how you help businesses, and can explain it quickly and easily, in a way that would prompt the curiosity of a prospect to want to learn more.

3) Tell them how to direct that potential prospect your way (a website, business card, etc.)

Hopefully this helps at least some of the ACTION TAKERS in this forum to land some new (or first) clients this month.

The non-action takers I'm sure will find reasons this won't work / excuses for doing nothing and buying more $7 WSOs that will solve their problems.

Meh, to each their own.


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    Great advice Dexx.

    Back in January I sent out personalized messages to about 220 Facebook friends who knew me very well and could vouch for my character. The message talked about my 2 year old marketing company and highlighted some of the impressive things I've done to help business owners. I asked them all one thing:

    If they knew of ANY BUSINESS OWNER successful or struggling, to tell them about me and what I did.

    I told them I'd also be willing to give them a portion of any payments exchanged as a way to say thank you. People were more than willing to do that. And a month later I've received 3 different contracts from this strategy totaling $15,000.

    It works. Thanks for this advice OP!

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    agree with the above, I would add tho....

    ...before asking anyone to refer anybody to you.....

    ...ensure you've created an "ideal client profile" detailing down all the criteria you'd like a prospect to "meet".

    Afterall there's nothing worse than getting a referral from someone who thinks they're doing you a favour, but the new referral is completely non relevant or simply is not qualified any shape, manner or form.

    It happens more often than you think.

    P.s. and creating an "ideal advocate profile" will help you identify exactly who could refer you clients meeting the criteria in your ideal client profile
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    I think that when you can tell others what you do, they may tell someone else. So yes all my family members know about what I do for my business and then if the topic comes up they can bring me up in the conversation.
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