Sales pitch says this is a viable service to offer small biz's -- legit?...

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Is there $$ in finding small biz's with FB fan pages that DO have a fair number of likes, but have very little engagement (people talking about this).
So, the biz is TRYING to make FB work, but not succeeding. Then you go to the biz and offer to find hot content and post it to thier page a few times a day, etc.
To get the page jump started and to keep up the social engagement.

Will small biz's really pay for this service?
Does anyone have any experience at this?
Is there any good training and software out there to help someone get started in this?

Please advise.
(again, a webinar I saw (trying to sell something) says this is a hot foeld to get into. Is it, really?)

-- TW
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    Have you asked some business owners if that is something they would pay for?
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    Not yet. I wanted to see what offliners here have experienced. Many heads are better than one. That's the whole point of the forum, no?
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    It's referred to as 'Social Media Management'. Many larger corporations have full time employees to do this specifically. It's a service that many mi-size and large companies may utilize, especially when they don't want to hire a full time employee to handle it. Some smaller businesses who understand social media marketing, but don't want to take the time to do it themselves may want to hire someone to do the posting for them. Maybe using a tool like Onlywire, to handle your contracts.

    You'll have to decide on package sizes-- how many posts per day, how many per week, how many per month, etc.. You'll have to be organized and write out the posts in advance for each client, so you're not sitting around trying to write individual posts all day long.

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