Do You Need a Free Place To Host Your Seminar Or Workshop? I Might Be Able To Help

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I happen to work for a regional company that provides office space, meeting rooms, virtual offices and video conferencing services.

I have 1, one hour time slot available in each of these locations. If your focusing on local business, this may be a good fit.

There is only 1 time slot available in each location

Here is the criteria:

I only have 5 areas in which I can offer a 1 hour FREE meeting room rental. The rooms have wifi.

Nashville,TN-Brentwood area
Miami,FL-Blue Lagoon area
Indianapolis, IN-Keystone area
Cary, NC-Weston Parkway area

There is specific industries that the presentation, seminars or workshop HAS to relate to.

For instance:

The Lexington Kentucky location MUST have something to do with the financial industry. The scope is pretty wide; from specializing in social media to being a web developer that specializes in CPA websites, The umbrella is large for what the focus of your presentation can be about. The goal is to offer an informative presentation, or workshop to anyone that their business deals with the financial industry. If your planning a session like this then I have the space for you-FREE of charge.

Nashville, TN- Healtcare Industry is the focus at this location. Again, a wide umbrella, using the same information described for the Lexington location, except the focus must been in the Healthcare niche.

Miami, FL-Technology industry. This is totally wide open, so take advantage of the FREE meeting room time. Your presentation only has to be about technology, which means online marketing tools, concepts, web development, etc.

Indianapolis-Financial Industry, the exact same criteria as the Lexington, Ky location.

Cary, NC-Legal Industry, which does not mean just attorneys. This is only an example, but niche website development is big for local, cater your workshop for anyone that works in the legal industry. Court reporters, paralegals, etc could probably benefit from a Q&A session about the Internet.

I won't try and explain all the details in this one post. ONLY the candidates that match what I've described will be considered. I will answer any questions you may have.

You may wonder why it's FREE

We have clients at these locations and from time to time like to bring in speakers, presenters, etc as an added bonus. Which means you get a FREE place to present and possibly make some contacts for your business. Your goal, however, is to have the audience in mind. Meaning, aside from letting our clients know when and who-it's your responsibility to fill the seats.

TRUST ME when I say these locations are top notch, to be holding your seminar in.

If you made this far-If you have something in mind but it may take over an hour, I still may be able to help.

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