Best CRM Software for Cold Calling

by emkay
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I want your opinions on which CRM software you've found to suit best for your cold calling efforts. Personally, I've tried two - ACT! by SAGE and Less Annoying CRM.

ACT! - The old versions used to be good. They were built solely for the purpose of assisting cold callers. The new versions, NO. They have got a lot complicated. It is not easy to reschedule calls, enter call history, prioritize calls, set-up reminders, etc. I would give ACT! a 6 out of 10 for cold callers.

Less Annoying CRM - I tried the demo and I could say that it definitely not built for the cold callers. There are only 'Tasks' - Calls, Emails, To-Dos are all tasks. There seem to be no differentiation. LACRM is a very good CRM that comes at an affordable price but is not for the cold callers. Had there been something like LACRM that was built for the cold callers ground-up, it would have been awesome. I would give LACRM 3 out of 10 for the cold callers.

Which CRMs have you used? Which one do you think is the best for cold calling?
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    Have you ever tried Addresstwo ? I have heard good things about them . I haven't personally used it but have friends who do .
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    Depends on what you need while cold calling. Are you:

    1) trying to keep track of ALL calls you make (whether they sign on or not)?
    2) wanting to input ONLY interested parties or people that become clients?

    If the first...I don't recommend that so I can't help you there. My personal thought is that there is no reason to keep track of people that don't sign on in a database, you can do that faster and easier in an excel list.

    If the second, Highrise is great.

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    I'm also in the process of looking for that "just right" solution too. I've asked people I know what they recommend and here are a few that are on my short list to demo and check out:

    I've researched 100's and these are the finalists. In my business I have to have a cold call list of prospects and I need to track them through the sales funnel including follow ups and next steps. I also need something that helps me build stronger relationships with clients who have done business with me in the past and finally, I need something that gives me a full 360 view of that customer including social media integration & Outlook integration all on one dashboard.

    I hope my list helps you. Good luck!
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    I have heard that with addresstwo you can follow through the funnel and even integrate email marketing as well as pone contacts and everything in between . Gosh I am talking myself into it I think LOL.
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    Take a look at Insightly on the Google Apps marketplace. There's a healthy amount of reviews to read through. Should tell you if it fits what you're looking for.
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    Free software may not be very good, that is why I use hosted ACT! CRM software. I am not using desktop version of ACT! CRM but is availing the more powerful ACT! hosting service from Real Time Cloud Services. They are offering 24/7 support without any extra charges with ACT CRM hosting. Hosted ACT CRM has many benefits over locally installed desktop version.
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      I use Bitrix24, it's easy to use and has tons of features.
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        Originally Posted by ClayWhite View Post

        I use Bitrix24, it's easy to use and has tons of features.
        Just started using Bitrix24 and Im enjoying it so far. Def pack a lot into their free plan.
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    have you looked into using zoho: More than 7 Million users Work Online with Zoho ?

    I've heard it's very good, although I can't say anything based on my personal experience.

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      Originally Posted by IM nice guy View Post

      have you looked into using zoho: More than 7 Million users Work Online with Zoho ?

      I've heard it's very good, although I can't say anything based on my personal experience.
      I've also heard good things about Zoho. It looks very clean and professional and offers a lot of other apps you may find useful.
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    I prefer to use Bitrix24 and Five9 for cold calling purposes. Although you can search some other useful software out there but those two are my picks, i tried them though.
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    Firstly, thanks to all the contributors to this thread.

    Not so much for cold calling but we use premium web cart for ourselves and a few clients.

    We've coded a few (many) forms to capture phone numbers and one of my clients loves PWC for keeping track of contact data and communications. They are big phone users for prospecting and follow up

    It is as much about who is using any system and what ability or commitment they have to maintaining data integrity. Recently demonstrated by a staff member of a client calling me as a prospect when I was testing the systems and I had clearly identified myself as so but they were just following their processes in a mind-numbing fashion .

    I really appreciate the suggestions of Bitrix24 and Nutshell as one seems complex and the other simple.

    It is much like anything, sometimes the simple solution is just what you need and when you master the complex or grow with it you then see it as simple and straightforward.

    Much like anything you tend to use on a regular basis. I had to start working on a client site that was ModX based and at first everyone on my team was like, Oh no...we hate it...but over time the users see the beauty or simplicity which to others seems complex and then they become an advocates.

    What is great about the recommendations here is people who have chosen a particular system have stuck with it and got benefits from utilising the features they are presented with.

    It is a great testament to the calibre of committed members as often the commitment to working with what you have got is more important than always looking for what you don't have.
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    I don't a CRM just five9.
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    sugarcrm we have found to be nice.
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