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I have gotten pretty deep into the SMS Marketing over the last little while (Developed a growing SaaS SMS Marketing app and have integrated SMS notifications into several development projects for clients - Using Twilio)

The legal issues are starting to be of concern to me, not that I am doing anything malicious - however I would like to be certain.

Does anyone have any information that relates specifically to the legality of SMS marketing in Canada? (I have done some research but without any solid results). Also, what kind of lawyer would I talk to about this to get a boiler plate TOS written up for SMS projects?
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    You might be best advised to look for a lawyer who has expertise in digital marketing practices.

    Better to be safe than sorry with stuff like this...

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    Lawyer up.

    Have you tried looking at the TOS for current SMS companies like Trumpia. I would go through the sign up process and see what their TOS says.
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    Yeah, I have been looking through the Canadian SMS companies TOS's.

    I know the price can vary a lot but do you have a rough idea of how much a lawyer would charge to write up a TOS for this? (ie: couple hundred, couple thousand, or 5+ thousand?).
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