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FREE YouTube Marketing Seminar starting today at noon (eastern) to 7pm (eastern) by author James Wedmore. It's a 3 day seminar!

Register here:

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A couple of weeks ago they had a week long Photoshop seminar running 2 channels of classes. It was really well done. Learned a ton of new (to me) tips/tricks.

(Not sure if they'll have a replay of this seminar after 7pm like they did the Photoshop seminar ... but check it out just in case you missed some of it today.)
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    Very cool, thanks!
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    You needn't register to watch it live. Just go to creativeLIVE | creativeLIVE
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      Hard to believe they taught you stuff in Photoshop. I always enjoyed the cutups you made in Michel Fortin's old copywriting forum. Miss that place.
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  • They are starting a "rebroadcast" right now if you want to see it from the beginning.
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