If you would have 50k to invest in an offline business...

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What would you go for?

I really think that making money online is pretty cool, but putting eggs in more than 1 basket especially when the things are moving so fast in www is the right way to go.
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    If i would have 50k then i want to invest in Share Market.
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    well then invest little bit in real estate (some kind of property). Then invest in mutual funds and shares and gold and silver. It can be like $10000 in each of the above. Remember diversification is the key and you should invest some in online projects too to get recurring income.
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      It depends where you skills are. If you know nothing about the share market i wouldnt advise you to go down that route. and that goes for anything.

      I have a property investor friend who does great work. Saves people a huge amount of money and advises them on purchasing them the right property making them more money. The point i am getting at if you dont have the skills find someone who does.

      I personally would use my mate who offers property investment to guide me, and i would invest online. My skills are online and i know i generate a more than sufficient ROI .

      investing is down to the individual.
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        I am into arts are creativity so I would invest in something that has to do with creating things. Something like making hat pins for bands or shows, making rock wraps (precious stones wrapped up with silver, gold or platinum wire and worn as a necklace) or thing thinks like that. Tons of people I have met in Colorado are into stuff like that and some individual wraps can go for up to $1500 for a single piece. The one I'm having made right now is $400. It's not exactly large scale but it's something I love and am passionate about. Food for thought
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    There are lots of things you can do but I would think that $50k would go a lot further online than offline. You need to tell us what sort of skills and passions you have before we can make any sort of other suggestions.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    Go to the casino and put it on black LOL j/k

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  • I'd go for a real estate property then a massage center. we don't have it here so it would be profitable. LOL

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    I would put $45,000 in the bank. Because I'd realize that I have no idea how to invest since I'm on a forum asking other people how to spend my money.

    Then I'd take $5,000, and try to make it last more than a month. I would use it to do nothing but market research/testing. Hopefully by the end of that month, I'd have a better idea of how to spend the other $45,000.
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      Originally Posted by RedShifted View Post

      I would put $45,000 in the bank. Because I'd realize that I have no idea how to invest since I'm on a forum asking other people how to spend my money.
      Funny AND true.

      Also spend is the right word here.

      It's not really investing if you have no idea what you're doing.

      It's just gambling or spending the money.

      If you've had some kind of success in business in the past then
      investing in that business would probably be good...if you have
      the committment to put in the work to make a business work.

      At $50,000 you're not really going to have enough to buy a
      hands off type of business...you're going to have to work your
      nuts off to make a profit.

      That only leaves investing as a silent partner with a business
      that is already rolling...but that's fraught with peril and chances
      are you'll lose most or all of your money if you don't already have
      enough business experience to identify a good deal when you see
      it and to identify the sharks and hustlers who'll find a million ways
      to relieve you of your money.

      For someone who hasn't run a business the most sensible thing you
      can do is put your money in some kind of term deposit that gives you
      a guaranteed return.

      Most entreprenerial ventures you run yourself can be started with
      $200 to $3,000...the less the better.

      Less capital forces you to do joint ventures and to be creative with
      ways of using other people's resources.

      It also forces you to make a profit from the start which is always a
      GREAT way to get a business rolling.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Better questions are...

    1. What are you passionate about that you would want to personally work as an offline business?
    2. What business idea would be a good match for a trusted friend? Aka you form a business and hire yours friend to manage and run it.

    I've considered doing #2 before but the last time I tried it fell apart in the planning stages.
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    I think I'd start with what I have, what I do best and what I think can become my bread and butter. I wouldn't rush on this and spend 50 grand all together. You are right, don't put all your eggs in one basket. But the trick is don't use them all at once!

    It can be an offline biz. and wait till it has liquid and fully operational (with you at the background) before you start investing on other business.
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