Any advice for cold walk-in?

by lucafo
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I just cold called for 1 month and I did a decent job but now I want to use also a " cold walk-in " strategy.

I feel very confortable to speak face to face with people, instead of call them.

My problem is that I don't have a big pool of numbers to call ( I live in a small city and what I offer is only for local business ) and now I finished the list.

I don't feel very confortable to speak via phone, and if I have to be honest, I think I would have more success with cold walk-in.

So, now, I just tried with 40 local business and I had these problems:

1) If there are clients and I start to speak with the owner, they distract him and I have a lot of trouble to do a great presentation.

2) Often the owner is not there and also when he is in, he lies to me telling me something like " The owner is not here, but you can tell me what you offer ".

Now, do you have a strategy?

How do you approach them?
What do you say at the beginning?

I'm good to make presentations; I just want to hear to you, how you approach them at the beginning.

I'm open to every advice you will give me and I'll test everything.

Thank you everyone and sorry for my bad english.
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    This has been covered so many times. I'm sure you'd find previous threads useful.

    The best time to reach a decision maker is early in the morning or late in the day. Try to catch people on their way into the office, before the secretary arrives. That minimizes interference.

    Opening line: "I wonder if you can help me out?" Everybody likes to help, Put people in that posture right away.

    Multiplier-effect corollary: "Never assume the person you're talking to isn't the decision maker."

    Check out this old article, some great tips
    48 Hours with the King of Cold Calls, Market Research and Strategy Article |
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      I only do walk in cold calling. Very tough to get the decision makers. Much so with chains or bigger cities. Rural smaller cities tend to be easier because they are "mom & pop" style. I often use the line previously mentioned. I also walk in, shake hands, briefly say what I do and say. When would be a good time to speak with the person authorized to make purchasing decisions? I assume they are to busy to speak with me then, they like that. Makes them feel important. I never come home without closing at least one sale a day.
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