How To Create A Lead Generation SEO Report With Free Tools

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One of the main problems that many warriors face is how to attract new clients?, as many of you already know cold calling is not my cup of tea, so I am going to explain to you how to generate lead generation repots for free.

a) Go to the site Open Site Explorer

b) Choose the number one Website that is on Google for the market you are in, if you market to Chiropractors look for "your city + chiropractors".

c) The site will give you an entire report about the Domain authority,backlinks, anchor text etc.....

d) If you want to get more specific, you can filter the backlinks to be just the external links (Go to from, select "only external", to "pages on this root domain" and click on filter)

e) Write a little report about what the main sources of backlinks are, what are the anchor texts, how is he getting the backlinks , etc...

f) If you want copy and paste all the domains and anchor text manually into a spread sheet in order to create graphics with the information you have gotten.

g) Send the report to all the chiropractors in your area with the following title: "How to get in front of all the people who are looking for you over the internet" and at the end write a call to action such as: "Call XXX-XXX-XXXX to get a 15% discount to get this strategy implemented in your business "

Hope that helps.
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