Email Marketing Services for Offline Clients?

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Ok, so heres an example situation:

A local restaurant does not have a email marketing campaign setup or a list or their clients emails. How would I setup an email marketing campaign for that business?

Does anyone know of any good training that teaches you how to do this?

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    - Sign up to mailchimp
    - Hire a writer to write the autoresponder
    - Put the mailchimp code to your client's website
    - Bill your client

    PM me if you need help
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      I can vouch for Fanny as being "the" person
      for all things technical.

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    1. In order to market you need a list
    2. to get the list you need to engage people in some way i.e. it has to be worth their while to give you their email address (hint: a promise of something is NOT enough)
    3. Your media are both on- and offline - so FB page with an opt-in for freebies, website form with an opt-in for freebies, paper opt-in form at the restaurant for ACTUAL customers for freebies (make these people feel special)
    4. Why are you not collecting mobile numbers at the same time???

    5. When you get the list started THEN worry about the technicalities.
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      I presume we get the restaurant to sign up to the aweber/mailchimp themselves and we just have access then ? whats everyone doing here ?

      Some place will want templates designed eg if there was a world cup on, xmas time etc
      where is the best place to get these templates made up ?

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    You need to create a system that work - every time. Setting up an autoresponder, sales page is easy, anyone can do that.

    But what you need is a marketing funnel system.

    - How to set up a squeeze page that converts
    - How to build traffic
    - How to get build trust with your subscribers
    - How to get your subscribers to buy

    Once you have the answer for all these. Its easier to pitch to the clients because now you have a potent weapon that they can use to turn browsers into prospects and prospects into customers.
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    I got some good advice when I asked for it here in my thread
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      SMS does work better for restaurants, lest the data seems to think so.
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