I still dont understand how you guys use flyers?

by gil12
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i see alot thread about flyers and cards.... can you give me one example of flyer that offline marketing using? which services you offer?
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  • You can use flyers for many different things ( but the goal of the flyers is to entice the person who's reading it ) Give them a good reason to keep the flyer. Get creative when designing a flyer use eye candy images, colors, fonts.

    So do flyers work locally? Yes they do 100%

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    Hi there,

    If you're cold-visiting prospects the flyer is something you leave behind. When you follow up either in person, or on the phone you have something to ask about.

    Of course, your flyer needs to have valuable information and create interest so the prospect wants to actually talk to you again about the content in that flyer.

    Re-purposed ads make good flyers.

    All the best,

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    Also, people have had success posting flyers and cards around town
    - especially in grocery stores and other places with bulletin boards.

    "If you think you're the smartest person in the room, then you're probably in the wrong room."

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    I've used flyers a few times locally for marketing SEO services to businesses. I've never mailed or posted around town at stores. I just use them when meeting with a potential client in person in order to give them one more reason to trust me. For me it's a good tool in that regard.
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    Step 1: Print flyer.

    Step 2: Distribute flyer.

    Step 3: Enjoy the traffic.
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      Here's some great examples of flyers to businesses...Offline Biz Cards.

      Another way is contact other business owners who want to reach the same people as you do and are not direct competitors as you. A group of you advertise on the BIG postcard and share the cost. It's called a coo-op mailing.


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      Good: Mail one.
      Better: Leave one on the counter.
      Best: Talk to the owner/mgr and leave one behind
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        Originally Posted by glooft View Post

        Good: Mail one.
        Better: Leave one on the counter.
        Best: Talk to the owner/mgr and leave one behind
        Good advice.

        ALWAYS get permission from the manager/owner if you will be leaving them at a store, or putting them on windshields in the parking lot.

        The worst they can say is no.

        In my experience, 90% will say "oh cool! Sure, you can leave a stack on the counter by the register & let customers take one!" -- or -- "No problem, I don't mind if you post one on our door/window!"

        As for asking them to leave them on the customer's windshields in the parking lot.. eh, I'd say I've had about a 80% success rate with that. Which is still good, and makes it worth asking.

        Again.. all they can say is no.


        Depending on what kind of service/product the flyer is promoting, taping one to the side of the ATM's in your city can have some really great results as well.

        NOT the side of the ATM itself - but the metal "box" that is usually to the right of the ATM - you know, where everyone else posts up their flyer.
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    Flyers and Postcards are both, excellent tools if used correctly. You can hand them to people or post them on popular boards, in heavily traffic spots. It is a cheap, but effective way of spreading the marketing message.
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    We post flyers for therapists, acting classes, yoga teachers and other small businesses.
    We also distribute flyers for events.

    1) have strong headline
    2) have tags at bottom
    3) have realistic expectations
    4) be able to sell your services

    A flyer is just a piece of paper. It requires someone talking to make a sale or a very strong sales letter that the flyer leads to.

    The little tear tags at the bottom create a huge difference in response.

    You'll get a better response if you a use a 2 step process.
    1) call, visit or write for free info
    2) you then market to the list of people that called, visited or wrote for the info.

    I've got several clients that use only flyers for their marketing. If it works it will work really well. If it won't then change the design or try something else.

    Like anything else - test, test, test

    David Alger
    Thumbtack Bugle We Get the Word Out

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