How do you create a lead generation with this....?

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I found a client off Craigslist. The clients business model is buying phones, tablets, and computers from people and he sends the money to them.

He is asking if I can create leads for him and he pays me by every lead using SEO. What is the best way to do this?

If anyone has any experience that can point me to the best direction.

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    Flipping electronics is a VERY competitive industry. I'd probably start by creating a high-end website offering cash for phones/tablets/computers with a clear call to action. Have customers fill out their information (model #, condition, accessories, etc) to "Request a Quote", and forward all of the leads to your client.

    Rank that website for some long tail keywords. Most of the short keywords are dominated by huge used electronics buyers like Sell Your Cell Phone and Electronics Trade In | Gazelle. If you could rank for some of those, you could be generating A LOT of leads every week. Start small, then scale it up.
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    I agreed, did some research and the market is competitive. Thank you for your input
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      yes but how many of these leads would convert, they might go to your website to request a quote bit never sell,

      those leads are hard to convert since people want to get their cash right away, i say that from experience since i also buy and resell high-end electronics and i do have a cash for gold business as well

      it is hard to make people to send their items to an online company for cash since they just can go on craigslist and find a local buyer that can give them better prices since they do not have to pay for shipping or ppc
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    Lead generation is my main interest. Note that a 'lead' is when a customer decides to contact you (of in this case your client). You are paid for every lead that you produce, meaning that when a customer contacts your client by phone or email you are paid a set amount.

    In that case, 'converting' the lead is the job of your client, not yours. Converting here means to get to buy/spend money. You will be paid as soon as the customer decides to call, email or fill out a form. I would suggest you find a good converting theme and use that then find an seo provider and try to rank for some long tail keywords. That should get you well on the road
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