Mind set and How important is it to your business?

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We have all heard that mind set is the most vital step you can take a long with goal setting. How many practise this process and what are your favourite Books, CD's or tapes that you listen to help you achieve the correct mind set you need to become a leader in your field...
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    Mindset is essential to running a business offline or online. I read or listen to an hour a day to some type of mindset material. Nothing really my favorite, I just jump around from author to author.
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      Mind set is as useful as warm spit on the pavement if you can't get a steady stream of prospects
      to talk to and convert them to customers and clients.

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        This is true, warm spit is useless, but how do you get your mind focused on what you already know what you have to do... Prospecting is a key formula with prospects your dead in the water. But as leader l have found that have your team with a good solid mind set will enable them to perform the simple task of prospecting.

        Let's be fair here prospecting is not an easy job, l do generate a good amount of leads daily, the key is what l do with them ends up with results........If l have a lousy mind set l will blow them like warm spit into the concrete......end of them prospect...

        All the Best,

        Joseph F. Botelho

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        Originally Posted by ewenmack View Post

        Mind set is as useful as warm spit on the pavement if you can't get a steady stream of prospects
        to talk to and convert them to customers and clients.

        Hi Ewen, I hear what you're saying, but this time I have to differ with you a little.

        Without the right mindset, you won't go and generate a steady stream of prospects.

        Yes, you could send direct mail pieces and get a stream of people calling you that way. But if you're not in the right mindset, when they do call you'll screw it up somehow...give off the wrong signals, let them beat you up on price, not value your work highly enough, etc.

        Self-esteem is vital especially if you are going to make prospecting calls. If you feel good about yourself, you will naturally make dials. If you don't, you'll stop. So protecting your self-esteem by protecting your mindset is the most important thing you can do when it comes to calling. No tip, technique, script or method is going to do a thing for you if you don't feel good about yourself, because you won't make calls.

        I spend a lot of my time, probably an hour or two a day, reinforcing my own mindset. I especially review the ~9 hours of You Were Born Rich videos by Bob Proctor and John Kanary, which are IMO the very best training of any kind ever and are almost always available on youtube.
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          Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

          Hi Ewen, I hear what you're saying, but this time I have to differ with you a little.

          Without the right mindset, you won't go and generate a steady stream of prospects.
          Jason you are right.

          A client is generating leads but she can't close them.

          Listening to her voice, it's not give off positive energy.

          She is about to do videos and using the same pace and tone of her voice to me will be a deal killer.

          One of my recommendations was to see herself as the positive uplifting energy in
          others life...even if she had a lousy day at work because those she comes into
          contact with possibly have had a bad day too.

          The lead generation and the closing are 2 different parts.

          Where automation is used in the lead generation part, you can get away with a bad attitude, but when dealing with prospects, then your passion for the prospects business and projects has to run high.

          In fact I made a post about it recently.

          My original comment was to be the anti positive thinking brigade who
          poke pokes a stick at being cherry but broke which so many are.
          Think life coaches.

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            Dani Johnson has some great training.

            The Slight Edge - Secret to a Successful Life by Jeff Olson is also a favorite of mine.
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    I try to listen to Stephen Richards "Ultimate Wealth Creation" and Paul McKenna "I Can Make You Rich" on a daily basis while working. Being a bit of a non-believer in such things but realising I needed to change my situation I thought I'd give it a try. It's early days but I can feel my mentality has changed and have set myself goals to start making money. I would definately recommend Stephen Richards but the Paul McKenna one is a book with audio hypnosis and is good too.

    Good luck!
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    I like listening to audios from all the greats: Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Brian Tracey, Zig Ziglar, Robin Sharma, Bob Proctor...

    I find meditating also helps me personally, just to get focused, zen out from all the business crazyness and just relax!
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    Yes audio and video has a way of keep our minds focused on what we need to do to achieve our goals.. Earl Nightingale was one of the first to really get involved with distribution of motivational tapes back then.... Now there are so many great leaders that provide us all with any type of information we need...

    All the Best,

    Joseph F. Botelho

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    When I first got started I lived, ate and breathed the usual suspects that Preeti listed, but these days I get more out of autobiographical and "here's what I had to do to make it" type stories and books.

    However, I still spend the first hour of the day self-talking my way through my agenda for the day and committing myself to the "Five Laws of Stratospheric Success."

    That's from the Go-Giver for those who are interested.

    I spend the second hour in prayer and bible study.

    That's my mindset foundation. Everything else is icing on the cake.

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    Thank you Chris, l fully understand the power of the above, one can never question it. Self talk is an important step that l also do each and everyday, l found it to relax and motivate me to remember of the tasks l need to achieve.

    It is amazing how effective this works when l use it my life is so much more balanced....

    All the Best,

    Joseph F. Botelho

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      My favorites are How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

      There are countless ways we can spend our time. If we don't have the right mindset to focus on what we want and then take action we will continually get sidetracked and won't achieve the success we desire.
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    Mind set is important but not so much in the way most people think.

    Your posture...how you think about yourself and the value of your
    service and the language you use to communicate that...is critical
    to getting hired at more substantial fees.

    Most people telegraph that they're struggling to get clients, that
    they're willing to work cheap...that they're desperate.

    The people who communicate that they're busy, their time is
    valuable, that they don't need any particular client will get hired
    more often at much higher fees.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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  • Mind-set is very important to any work one does. Either you have it or you don't. Doesn't mean you can't cultivate it like a fine garden though. So, obviously, if you don't feel you have it to the degree you desire it: in the words of John Carlton, . . ."get thee to the Library, the book store, the WWW." Then become an expert in having the correct mind-set that matches your desires. It can be done! It has been done! And, . . . It will keep being done.
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