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April is my first month doing offline and I've been getting a good amount of leads and have closed some of them into clients. I feel however, that I'm not closing anywhere near the amount of leads I should be.. I have qualified people that are interested but they delay or brush me off (yeah it happens with some people no matter what but I feel that I've let some slip).

The leads I'm getting aren't through "luck", I'm spending probably 6-7 hours minimum per day filling the pipeline through Cold Calling, LinkedIn, Craigslist & Networking.

Here's a bit of my process: Get in contact with people --> get them on the phone to make sure they're a qualifed lead --> Try to close them there (I've closed a few on the spot) and if I can't close them there but they want some proof or more information I email them a video review of their site and marketing --> From there I get them on the phone again and try to close once again (this is where I should be closing more people), some I can close but I feel like I'm missing out on some.

The key thing that sticks out for me is that they have some kind of objection I'm not uncovering which is where I need the help. If they say "yeah I'm sold" but don't purchase obviously there's something still bugging them.

My main question is how do I get them to tell exactly what's bothering them?

Do I just keep asking questions until they spit it up?

I see some of the vets on here talking about closing 30%-40% and I would LOVE to do that. Also, these aren't local leads, my city is too small so no room to book appointments.

Thanks in advance for any advice about the objections stuff or other tips.
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