One easy way to sell as much as you want

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Your weakest area in selling will determine how much you sell.

Your weakest area will be one of the following:

Identifying needs
Handling Objections

It's your job as a salesperson to identify your weakest area in the sales process and to 'release the brakes', on your own success with some honest self-assessment.

Where are your deals falling over?
What would need to happen for you to sell as much as you want?

Step one of this strategy is to realize that it's not the market, the competition, your prices or anything else that determines how much you sell, it is UP TO YOU to determine your own destiny with what you have and to start TODAY wherever you are, right now.

Without this realization nothing else is possible.

If you're always blaming other people or external events for your lack of success you will never look INSIDE to accurately identify the problem.

This is something that most people will never do, because it's always someone else's fault aside from your own. Most people get locked into a cycle of failure and rationalization and repeat the process over and over and will eventually give up all together. This is true for maybe 90% of the population.

You don't want to be in the majority of the population in this case, you want to be the rare exception of someone who pays for their success in advance, and the currency you use to pay the price is with hard work and a lot of failure.

Everyone that is the best at something was once the worst at it.

There is no such thing as someone who is smarter than you or has more talent. You are extraordinarily intelligent and have more potential than you could use in 100 lifetimes.

It's about building THE BELIEF within yourself that you can do it which will unlock the acres of diamonds beneath your feet. Appreciating your own special unique gifts and being YOU 100% is what will make you successful more than anything else, this this alone your success will be unimaginable.

It's only a matter of getting in line to the top of the pack and staying there until you achieve it. If you BELIEVE that you are unstoppable and do the things you know you should do every day, sooner or later YOU will be a top performer as well!

Here's a tool you can use after every sales call to build the habit of accepting responsibility for your outcomes:

After every meeting or telephone conversation write down:

What did I do well?
What would I do differently?

Reinforce what you've done well and your unconscious mind will repeat it.

If you made a mistake write down what you'd do NEXT time as an alternative. Your unconscious mind is unimaginably powerful, writing your desired outcomes down will accelerate your learning curve because you are literally PROGRAMMING SUCCESS into your mind as you would with a computer.
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