SMS Lists - what is the better practice?

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I'm about to set up 2 local places (so far) with a SMS list optin system. I want the numbers on the businesses local list and on my own citywide list to use. Is it better to have the customer added to both lists instantly? Or should I send a separate message asking to join my list later?

I plan to text my own citywide list monthly with either a purchased blast from an existing company or my own recommendations and special deals for new company sign-ups.

What are best practices?

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    I believe they need to opt in to both legally.
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    You can read some legal stuff here.SMS Opt-In Rules |

    You can probably get away with it if disclosed up front.
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    other great restaurants around the city.

    I would not have any problems using the above method IF
    I sent 2 separate confirmations back to them to make it clear
    they were on 2 lists, with the obligatory reply stop to opt out message.

    Obviously structure the messages so they feel like its a benefit to
    be on both lists.

    Regardless of law, Its pretty shady to auto add someone to a list they didnt
    knowingly subscribe to, Ive had people here do it all the time.
    I unsub from one list and they put me on another from a different account.
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    Deliver Bigger.
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    I plan to text my own citywide list monthly with either a purchased blast from an existing company or my own recommendations and special deals for new company sign-ups.
    Yeah, that's shady as hell.

    If you told me you were going to steal my subscribers and add them to your list, to then possibly sell to my competitors - the meeting would be over.
    "You shouldn't come here and set yourself up as the resident wizard of oz."
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    Hi there,

    That's almost like setting them up for spam they didn't ask for. I think you'll get a bad reputation for it.

    All the best,

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    And, that's just 1 reason why everyone who offers SMS to local companies should be using long-code numbers instead of short-code. If BerkleyStreet (not trying to be rude) was using the same short-code that you are using, but of course a different keyword, and people starting complaining to their providers about spam...your delivery rates would be effected and you might not even realize it!

    Hope that makes sense
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    They need to legally opt into both lists unless you make them aware upfront that uponing joining the list they'll actually be entered into 2 distribution lists

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    For the record, I don't intend to be shady or dishonest in any way, nor do I intend to spam anyone. That's why i am on the forum asking and not doing. If it read that way it was not my intention. The idea came up on another thread and I was trying to clarify how to do it legally. The opt-in flyer would clearly state which list(s) they are opting into.

    That being said, I guess I thought if they opted in to my list (local food deals) with keyword (petespizza), I could manage Pete's text messages and still send an occasional text from me because they joined my local deal club.

    Of course now that I wrote that I can see it from the business's point of view. I'm usually not that narrow minded.
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