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by SGTech
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Hello Warriors

I just wanted to share a little success story with you. This past week I was visiting my girlfriend in the town that she lives in which is about 2 hours away from where I live. I decided while I was there to try to get some work.

I sent an email to 75 real estate agents in town. It was a simple email that basically stated: My name is Scott, my business is web design, social media and mobile marketing. I'm getting in touch to request 15 minutes of your time to explain how I can help your business.

That was it. No big sales pitch, no huge promises, just a request to meet. Out of those 75 emails I got three meetings. One of those meetings had to cancel but I have a standing invite to meet with her next time I am in town. The other two meetings resulted in sales!

One gentleman wants a starter website and maintenance package so I made $599 plus monthly maintenance at $49/month which includes a set number of updates per month. The other guy wants a complete revamp of his website, a mobile website and wants me to manage his social media. The initial sale will be around $1500 and the monthly will be around $200.

So from a simple email, I ended up with $2100 plus $249 per month. The one guy that made up the biggest sale was unhappy with his current web guy and told me that he has basically been waiting for someone to get in touch with him and help him fix his problems.

The moral is that you never know who is out there just waiting for your services. If you get out there and prospect, you may find yourself making money quicker than you think.

Thanks for reading along.

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  • Profile picture of the author Eddie Spangler
    This seems like a miracle.
    How large is this town?

    Respect the hustle for sure.
    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    Hi there,

    Well done! I'm assuming you've done something similar in your OWN town? It always seems easier to be bold when you are outside your familiar zone, but the same tactics work right outside your front door.

    All the best,

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    • Profile picture of the author SGTech
      Thanks for the replies everyone.

      @Jennn - Yes, I am in the process of scaling this approach and bringing in more business. It's amazing how motivating a small taste of success can be.

      @RimaNaj2011 - I did get the email addresses from websites. It took a little work but it paid off.

      @SashaLee - I have a couple of real estate agent clients in my own town, but yes I will be sending a similar email out to try to grab MORE of them. Nothing motivates like success.

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  • Profile picture of the author Andy Lemos
    Your simple and down to earth approach is what stood out.

    Your sincerity got you to close the deals.

    Good stuff man.
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    • Profile picture of the author SGTech
      Originally Posted by Andy Lemos View Post

      Your simple and down to earth approach is what stood out.

      Your sincerity got you to close the deals.

      Good stuff man.
      Thanks a lot Andy. I appreciate it!
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      • Profile picture of the author Ehanson
        Great work and congratulations!

        I'm actually testing this method out right now in the highly competitive real estate market of NYC, I've contacted about 20 real estate agents at a major national firm I used to work for. One wrote back immediately and another wrote back saying they aren't interested. 10% response rate so far is alright even if they're both essentially no's since it's something to go off on.

        I have a couple of concerns though; mostly about real estate agents receiving tons of spam to their inbox (this is technically against the CAN-SPAM Act if they're no opting in for these inquiries) and the other being 3rd party services not being allowed by the firm they work for... for some reason. I don't know why but it's possible..
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        • Profile picture of the author Sys4
          Originally Posted by Ehanson View Post

          (this is technically against the CAN-SPAM Act if they're no opting in for these inquiries)
          No. It's not technically, or otherwise, against the CAN-SPAM Act as long as you follow the rules. The law doesn't care about an email recipient's optin status - but does care about a recipient's optout status.

          CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business | BCP Business Center

          or for the unabridged version


          Sending commercial email that is covered by the Act to anyone, opted in or not, without following the seven rules - constitutes a violation of the law.

          Sending commercial email that is covered by the Act to anyone, opted in or not, following the seven rules plus the rules on "harvesting" - constitutes compliance with the law.

          It's worth mentioning, the legal definition and commercial definitions of spam are different. Your emails can be legally compliant, but could still cause you commercial headaches i.e. being blacklisted.
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  • Profile picture of the author kevin Hislop
    Great work Scott!!

    Just shows what a big of action can do... im sure your story will be an inspiration to many of the warriors reading this.

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  • Hi Scott,
    that was a very inspiring story of taking action and getting a desired result. Congratulations!
    I used to both sell and invest in real estate. That was back when the web was just beginning to get big. I know you could provide really helpful services to these clients now a days. I know that the more successful ones have a time management challenge and that would be where you would come in. They just don't have time for the complexities of web presence and marketing practices. Their job, like ours, is to close the real estate deal, take the commission check and move on to closing the next deal in escrow. Good goin!
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  • Profile picture of the author seoraghu
    Hi, Scott,

    Congrats for your success and nice to read your experience and the steps you have adapted.

    Well, even I tried to follow this but the only difference I did not ask them for meeting. I simply wrote them saying that I offer maintenance service, apart from that I am in India so I cannot meet them personally. I have to depend only on email for communication, I think this would be difficult.

    Did you ever tried to contact your prospective only through emails and closed the deal?
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    Well done,
    Good one
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    Scott, congratulations on your success. I was wondering if you contacted actual "agents" or "brokers" (owners)? Or maybe you didn't differentiate between the two at all?
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  • Profile picture of the author isosales
    Great story and a subtle reminder that sometimes if a business or individual needs a service or product it doesn't matter the medium of your sales pitch.
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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Lee
    Congrats on that!

    Instead of just sitting there, wondering what you're going to do to generate some leads, you put thought and effort into something and you have 2 new clients, and some kick ass residual income, all in under a week.
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  • Profile picture of the author pingsters
    offering web services to small business owners --- Always huge potential.

    The key is how to prospect them and why your service is unique.
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