Why would a Real Estate firm need a website?

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I recently used direct mail to approach a mid-sized Real Estate firm that also specializes in Auctioneering and Appraising.

I was offering website design and internet marketing services as this firm has no web presence (No website, no fb page, no twitter account, nothing, nada).

The owner has been in business for years so I can understand that he is used to doing business a certain way.

I received an e-mail from them saying:

Good Day
We refer to your website model and thank you for the interest and examples left at our office some days ago.
However, there was deliberation amongst the staff and a unanimous decision was made that , for now we do not require a website.



WF: What would be the advantages of a real-estate firm having a web presence?

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    that depends i guess on the type of real estate they sell if i am looking to buy a house or apartment i look online at the pictures and locations now a days you get the 360degreee walk though etc if it was commercial property maybe they are more hands on and have a good word of mouth reputation or maybe they just dont like your offer or portfolio? and thats ther way of saying sorry try other agencies and see what the concessus is
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    Display current listings
    Generate new leads
    Position themselves as experts and professionals
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    the internet is dominated by just a few 4 or 5 companies. . all agent websites are buried on the 12th page on google
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      Here's an idea..

      Pretend to be a home purchaser at least throughout the initial "looking around" phase in which you get to sample how they operate their advertising.

      Since building a website ultimately focuses on the product or service then they are going to want to feature options listed above. However they may have a system they feel is good enough.

      So your goal is to find their weakness and help them solve the issues surrounding it. Sometimes we humans can become pretty blind to our own mishaps but all it takes for someone to point them out and we usually wake up to the reality and try to fix it.

      Learn them. Its the only kind way to approach the situation at this point. It make a few weeks to get a good read on the down low, but then you can make a second attempt.
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        Geez Louise....you forgot the MOST important thing about "trying to sell a prospect on YOUR proposition;


        Ex: a House-Hunting couple are in their car....driving around the neighborhood they'd like to purchase a house in. They see a sign in front of a house for sale. They pull up and park...get out of their car and take a flyer from the box below the sign.

        The flyer has lots of info about the house in it HOWEVER....what if there was a QR Code they could scan with their Phone and get all the info they want?

        Or....better yet; What if there was a URL on the sign (www.123MainToledo.info) that they could just type in on their phone and Up Comes ALL the info about the house?

        If little ol' you were to whip out your Cell and show the "Broker-Owner" what their listing looks like on a Phone....do you think they'd see the potential?

        So....rather than going into a Realtor's Office and asking, "Hey! I sell websites! Ya want one?"....SHOW them how YOU can boost their income!

        Don Alm....ShowMan from waay baack
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    Most realtor and real estate firms and company already in IM as well and without these (No website, no fb page, no twitter account, nothing, nada) I bet you won't survive the competition.
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    Obviously the client knows his business better than you, otherwise he wouldn't still be in business after all these years.

    Be happy the client did a followup with you. Move on...
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