How to get my Dentist client more profits/customers?

by ish
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Hi everyone.

I have a dentist client who i made a mobile site for...

Recently he sent me an email asking how I can help him with his online marketing.

I know he already has someone doing SEO and PPC advertising for his 4 dental practices.

What other ways can i help him pull in more profits/more patients from his online marketing efforts?


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    I would give direct mail a try. With the right copy it can give great results.
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    Direct mail and dental postcards is a good option. Is your dentist's website listed in directories? This is usually how people search for the services they need. How about using a digital patient medical form? This is very convenient for both the dentist and patients and is an attractive way to attract new ones.
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    Hey Ish

    First up, how busy is your dentist, does he really need more new clients to fill the gaps or is it more a need to upgrade his client base to more profitable services and/or bring in newer clients at a higher level of profitability?


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    1) What type of dentistry? Kids? Cosmetic? Oral Surgeon?

    2) Always rework previous/existing customers and get referrals.

    3) Educational videos.

    Search for Claude Whitacre View Profile: Claude Whitacre
    and on Amazon kindle books.

    "If you think you're the smartest person in the room, then you're probably in the wrong room."

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    Running a customer retention campaign works great for Dentists that offer teeth whitening. Offer their existing patients a discount off the service with a time limiter.
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    Do an SMS campaign. Try getting some of his previous customers to come back. Tell him about newsletters that could be offered to his patients for free with tips on dental care.
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    I hope it is pretty much local market, as your client is Dentist it would be more easier to target local market. Go for some magazine ads, news paper ads etc.,

    Even you can go for Google places listings you can make him aware of this so that his SEO team could work on that. Google places are pretty much proven way to get listed on local listings and get more local business.

    SEO Friendly Website Designing Services and Website Mainteance Services - Xpert Web Inc
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      Just an update...I have sent a questionnaire to my client just to ask him what he wants to achieve with his online marketing and what kind of results his current online marketing has achieved.

      The fact he is asking me for advice shows maybe his current online marketing partner is not delivering the results he wants

      Hopefully his answers will allow me to develop an online marketing strategy based on what results he requires.

      Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
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    I agree. If his targeted market is localized, offline advertising should be the best way. However, listing him in directory sites is still useful so he can be included when searching for his services.
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    All the above questions are great, but what really matters is are you skilled and prepared to take this on. If you have to ask others how to do it for a client you may not be the best person to do that for the client.

    It would be much better for your reputation to do what you can show quality results with than to try to take on clients that are not what you are used to. If you claim to be able to do something and do not deliver it can sink your reputation.
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    Ask him what his highest profit services are that are also easy to perform. Stuff like whitening. Focus on that.

    Do a campaign to his existing customer base. Offer a % off their next visit. Put a 45 day expiration date.

    When they come in, bribe them with another % off their next visit when they refer someone. The receptionist gives them a business card with their account number written on it. When that card comes back in, she puts a credit on the account.

    Create a landing page specific for that service. Get the SEO person to rank that page high. Do a PPC campaign to that page. Advertise that landing page address in newspapers that are local to each clinic. Don't forget to give the referral card to every new customer who walks in.

    Do an EDDM campaign to all the routes around each office. Send people to the landing page or have them bring the postcard in for a % off that service.

    You options are endless really. Just build a marketing plan, charge accordingly, then execute it for him.
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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    You need to operate from your strength. If you can offer him something that your good at and that fits his need, then your off to the races and will have a long term relationship with him. If your unsure where to go with this, he will pick that up quickly and this will not go well.
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      Hi, give them the "Ultimate Business Card" paper book of their services. l looking to hook up "off liners" for local business.
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