Just moved to a small town, Need Ideas

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Hi Warriors, I just move from a big town, 8M ppl to 55K ppl, I add to do the move for personal reasons, but I'm having a hard time finding a job, so Im going to try online.

Need Help, Ideas, or suggestions from warriors that live in small towns and were able to find ways out.
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    I live in small area as well, probably similar in size. I think it's an advantage for us because typically you'll have multiple competitors fighting for every bit of the small population they can get. This means any marketing edge they get can be very profitable.

    Be aware that in these small populations, you'll also find business owners that think they don't need to advertise because everyone knows them already, so be prepared to handle that.

    You should have no problem at all making more money than a regular job if you go out and give it your all.

    What are you looking to offer?
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      Originally Posted by bob ross View Post

      Be aware that in these small populations, you'll also find business owners that think they don't need to advertise because everyone knows them already, so be prepared to handle that.

      Very much alike, happened to me.

      Fact is that in small towns with a high average population age, the use of the Internet to find solutions is rather small in my experience.

      You ask your family or neighbors to get a recommendation.

      What can get you clients tough is combining sales promotions together with online marketing - like running a coupon campaign for locals.

      In my town a guy which runs a local advertising TV program makes a killing. People watch the local TV channel way more then surfing their PC so he get's companies offering a special deal when people walk into the shop telling "I saw your promotion in "TV PROMO" or something similar.

      Maybe you can get this into a Website and offer local special deals where the businesses have to pay you a fee to be featured.

      Shoot videos from inside the business and post them at Youtube.

      A little bit similar to what above guy told - local business directory with a twist.


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    Not sure, I need Ideas. For websites there is one guy advertising and giving it away for free.
    Don't really want to go in a price war.
    Im trying to think outside the box, but it is hard. People are very friendly , they all use Kijiji, but I don't think there is much buying.
    Can you tell me what as worked for you ?
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    Try creating a local business directory and sell ads to locals business's..You could also sell online access for sales specials and coupons for locals
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    Direct mail is always a good option - specifically Every Door Direct Mail offered by USPS if you're located in the US.

    What's your reason for limiting yourself to your local area? Why not offer your services nationwide?
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    Join you chamber of commerce. Get involved with them any way you can. Networking functions, seminars, lunch/dinner.breakfast functions, volunteer for positions.

    Find networking groups, BNI, Le Tip, or other private networking groups.

    I live in a small town too. A little bit bigger than where you are. Those two things helped me out tremendously. Don't expect an immediate payoff. But after some time you will start getting a consistent flow of business, meet good referral partners and start building some solid relationships.
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    If they pay to get the Yellow Pages yet don't have a website attached - they're a golden prospect! Keep that in mind and maybe do some scraping. You can find at least SOME individuals and/or businesses that see value in your product.

    Best of luck,
    "Be the hero of your own movie."
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