This may help someone - How I picked up two new clients this week...

by guyd
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Trust me - I know how hard and frustrating it can be to find decent offline clients. I used to go MAD!

Seemed everyone but me was landing work and it used to drive me crazzzzzy.

Anyhow - only this week I grabbed two really interesting clients (Works began already on one and just waiting on the other to finish of their end) and im offering them some really cool personalised work.Between 1-2k front end (minimal) and opening up the doors to a tonne of ongoing services..

But ahow did these smallish golden gooses end up on my plate?

Well... they both came from the exsact same source -

A Maven...
wiki...A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.

Seems I happened to get talking to some guy who had a rep for PR and who has a few high paying continuity based clients.

I kind of new him already which did make it easier. But when the situation arose and we got chatting it turned out that he new little about online stuff.

I gave him some pointers, how to lever some of the simple things online (list, social, video and spelled out that he needs to focus on mobile etc) and we just hit it off.

Two days later I get a call ' Hey Guy... someone is needing some help online' then next day 'Hey Guy... I know someone that really needs help with marketing their products online a little better...'

Two meetings later, two pitch's made two new clients on my books.

One of which is an international author and knows loads of other authors just like her that have NO idea on anything online and certainly nothing about going all Kindley etc....

So any way I guess the thing I could pass on from this is to get out there and focus on existing PR companies etc and hook on up.

You just never know... and trust me it's a hell of a lot easier getting offline clients coming to you then you going to them.

Hope someone reads this one day does it and gets results....

Good luck
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    Networking can be a powerful lead generator... Sounds like you could get some quality referrals in the future as well
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    A key is to get into groups where lots of these types of people hang out. Really get involved in running programs and activities.

    It doesn't take that much time but pays huge dividends after a few months when you have some real influence among the members.
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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    Still more work coming in from that one connection, and even the work I have done for clients is getting more work from their contacts too.

    Typical.... 5 years ago this would be awesome and now its just a distraction to my main business.

    Live and learn

    Bottom line guys is if your new just get out there and hit the mavens or heros as they call them.

    Just helping out

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