What type of businesses cater to contractors?

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What type of businesses cater to contractors? Please exclude any online marketing, web design, SEO, etc businesses. I'm interested in businesses that offer services or supplies to contractors. Thank you for your help.
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    Are you asking what type of businesses GO AFTER contractors? Or what types of services/products contractors need/use?

    If the first - there is an endless list as it's just like every other business. Wherein, everyone thinks that everyone else needs their product.

    If the second, it depends on what type of contractor you are talking about (general, lighting, signs, plumbing, electrical, framing, foundation etc).

    The basic list is anything they use.

    These are off the top of my head - suppliers of:
    printers (for bids/plans)
    heavy equipment rentals/sales
    catering (for bid meetings, client thank you's)

    There are tons more.

    I worked as a general contractor exec assistant for 7 years.

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    Contractors are being served by the same businesses as any other business would be. Depending on a contractor's specialty, you'd have to add many others. A small sampler list below.

    insurance brokers (business, liability, health, cars, bonding)
    any suppliers for their industry
    banks, loan and credit companies
    architects and designers
    educational and training companies
    trucking and shipping companies
    leasing companies
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    Depending on the type of services the contractor offers, there are many products and services that they will also need. For many of them, they need health and safety plans, insurance, and suppliers depending on their business like the supplies needed for building construction, tools and equipment such as safety gears when repairing roofs, etc.
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