Looking for marketing ideas for offline business -- can you help?

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I have a friend who just opened a brick and mortar business in my city and he's struggling to come up with marketing ideas to generate more traffic/sales.

My business is all online in a completely different arena (info products), so I thought I'd ask you all for some ideas.

His small store just opened and is located in an urban, hip part of town.

He sells cool customizable wall art made from vintage family artifacts. In other words, you bring in some cool stuff your, say, grandparents gave you long ago, and he mounts it onto art board of some kind, puts a frame around it, and you now have a unique wall hanging.

Some of these pieces he turns into clocks or key chain holders, that sort of thing. Not quite knick knacks but not fine art either. You don't have to bring him the pieces. His store sells previously made items that you can walk in and buy right away.

Anyway, do you have any suggestions on how to bring him more business?

Thanks for your help.
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    Get these pieces out in front of people.

    Maybe he can rent some space at a mall. Or take them to a park. Key is high traffic.

    A contest? A Grand Re-Opening and Open House?

    A newspaper article--recycling, unique, functional?
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      Sounds very cool. This is an excellent opportunity for using social media as his work seems interesting, original and very visual. I have a bakery as a client and can relate to the artistic value of images/videos that have a high propensity to be shared.

      1-) Get him on FaceBook and start adding friends (people he actually knows). He should really be on there all the time - NOT advertising - but just connecting with people he knows in a social way. Use a FB smartphone APP to really get into this.

      2-) After a couple of weeks of becoming active, add a FB business page for his store. He can then announce this to his friends. I would also be sure to have a website with a blog that is very visual and includes galleries.

      3-) Join Pinterest and Instagram. Get social on these sites and post images regularly. You can also use these images to embed on your blog and FB posts, rather than upload to FB directly.

      4-) Join Slideshare and create some start-to-finish power-point projects so people really get the full idea of what he can do and how he transforms common artifacts.

      5-) Join Youtube (with branded channel) and create some start-to-finish power-point projects - converted to video so people really get the full idea of what he can do and how he transforms common artifacts.

      Furthermore, make sure the Dude has a solid (logo and) brand and slap that on everything he does online. I could see him really rocking this out within 6 to 12 months, and very likely getting online enquiries from all over the planet. In other words, he could really set his price for this work.

      P.S. > I am envious of you for having this client! You have the ability to make him a rock star!
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  • Many times the "hip" part of town has regular art walks and open studios for the public to check out artists, drink wine and act cool.

    Have your friend check if there are organized events they can get involved with. If not, start your own.
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      These are all great ideas, thanks!

      Another idea I had was to somehow plug into retirement homes or contact seniors somehow to show them how to preserve their memories in this way. Seems like that could be a good pool of customers, too.
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    I would think that word-of-mouth marketing would be huge so if he doesn't have a plan for referral generation that would be huge.

    PR could be big. He should network with local newspapers, radio, and TV news and see if they can do feature stories on him since his concept is so unique and cool.

    Joint partnerships is another idea. He can post some of his art in other businesses in exchange for something on the wall next to it highlighting his business or flyers in the store/restaurant. The business would get cool and trendy art and people will notice it because it is so different and know where to go if it interests them.

    Maybe set up a booth at the local flea market or swap meet or whatever type of community sales forum that you have in your area where people are selling a variety of unique items.

    Those are just a few ideas off of the top of my head.
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    Real estate agents. It would be a unique way to say thanks for buying through me.
    Probably a gift certificate would work.

    "If you think you're the smartest person in the room, then you're probably in the wrong room."

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    This is a really cool concept that, if quality, will spread like wildfire.

    Have him do a handful of free pieces for charity events...it will be exposure to the right people.

    He needs to be in a high foot traffic area, if at all possible.
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    Just use social network like forum facebook to create a group . With this group to find or active the online people hobbies.

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    Network with related businesses under the heading of family memorabilia. Photographers, scrap bookers...

    "If you think you're the smartest person in the room, then you're probably in the wrong room."

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