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by ish
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Hi Everyone,

I recently finished doing a site for a real estate client...He's setup a new business

Now he wants me to help him with SEO.

Problem is when i did some keyword research for his local area for properties for sale, rent and commercial, the results showed very few searches were performed on google keyword tool..liiterally 10-30 searches per keyword per month

It seems that doing SEO would be a waste of time and money.

What other ways can i help market his business online to bring in more customers/clients?

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    First off, you got to remember, that real estate isn't like other businesses, 15 searches a month is all it takes to get a 12,000 commission. Those 15 people are all serious about buying a home in his area.

    Also real estate is a " offline business" so traditional real estate marketing is still important... With a twist.

    don't do image ads... Do USP Ads. Always push his personal unique proposition.

    Remember every thing you thing you do should be focused on getting them to take some kind of action ( call, email, etc)

    Here is a website that is designed for marketing for real easte agents

    Craig Proctor | Real Estate Coaching

    Good luck

    - Jonathan Webb
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    I have marketed real estate for over 10 years and you need to be as targeted as possible. Its not about quantity its about quality of the leads. Make sure you have a way to capture all of the leads that come to the site. Get them on his mail list. Give away a free report about buying in the area.

    Think outside the box. I sold ten properties one time by narrowing myself down to the neighborhood. something like "lots for sale in chesapeake place". This only got about 10 to 20 visits a month but I sold 10 lots in 6 months from this key phrase. Grand total profit of 210k. It took 3 articles about the neighborhood to get it done.

    I have also found that running very targeted google adwords campaigns have been profitable especially on high ticket items.

    Anyway don't worry about how many worry about how many are buying what you have.
    You Don't Have to Be Part of the 99% of Internet Marketers That Fail Miserably
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    How about Facebook ads to your target zip codes?

    But don't use the ads to sell, use the ads to compel.

    So not, "Call the best Realtor!!" but more of, "Homes For Sale in Your Area."

    Get their contact info before they can view the homes, and go from there...
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    Thanks for the replies everyone.
    I have some free google adwords vouchers which I think I will use to generate traffic to their site....and the facebook ads do seem interesting aswell.

    So what kind of keywords should I target? Should I break it down to area and types of property?
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    Hey ish, I see you are based in London? Is the real estate agents also based there? It surprises me that you cannot find keywords that have good volume, I used to do SEO for a very large estate agent in Edinburgh and I was optimising for 30 keywords that were getting over 14k searches per month.
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    @RocknRolla Yes the agent is based in London...I'm not an expert on seo or keywords. I think I need to dig a little deeper and find keywords that are more specific to the types of property the agent advertises.
    Just wanted to ask what was your method of finding keywords for your real estate client?
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