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Hey Guys,

Not been on here much lately due to the start up of my events company here in the UK, now everything is secure with it i am looking to get stuck back in with my offline marketing, and really like the idea of these lead gen / rental sites

I suppose my question is, would this be a good recommendation with someone with a fair bit of experience in the offline consulting field to "get me interested" again... I've pretty much stopped designing due to doing it way too much so i think purchasing a rental site theme/WSO would be the best bet

Can anyone recommend a good "all in one" package for this, i've seen a few but as per usual majority of the reviews are from people who are best friends with the author Thanks for any replies in advance guys!


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    Honestly - don't buy anything. Most stuff is re-shashed stuff someone else wrote a year earlier. Spend some time in the offline marketing forums, have discussions with people who are doing this full time. There's lots of good stuff to learn, from lots of different people. I don't think there is 1 "package" that includes everything you'll want to know, or get up to speed on.
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    Go look for some good products yourself or browse the forums. There is lots of good stuff like the above poster said.
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    Are you looking more for advice/direction on how to for a rental/lead gen business OR are you more looking for a theme that is easy to manipulate for such a business?

    If you need advice and direction, you basically need to learn how to get traffic and how to get that traffic to either phone a number or fill in a form. Simple as that...whether it be with SEO, PPC, social media, video, etc etc...choose your flavour and go.. There are more than enough posts (For free) on the forum on how to accomplish getting traffic and getting it to convert. The rest of the business is getting and dealing with clients, which again is covered alot in this forum...So there is no real need to get a WSO to help you with guidance/direction.

    As for a theme, if you know how to design sites already...then you know the basic elements of a good theme. Grab any decent theme from themeforest that has a lot of options and go from there....There is no perfect theme and there are many tweaks that can be done per industry to increase conversions, but that is up to you to figure out...

    Ask questions, there are more than enough people on here that do lead gen/rentals to help you out....save your money for better things.
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