Cold Calling: Don't be Hostile - Plus the 4 Learning Styles & Selling

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Just got off the phone with a cold caller who was so focused on their script that they almost couldn't get past my objections (and help me see if I was interested) and you could actually hear the hostility in their voice.

Got an appointment scheduled to learn more only because I was really interested in learning more about the service. I nearly hung up on her for being rude. Hell I had to get kind of rude back to get what I wanted.

So ask yourself are you making the call pleasant for the guy on the other end? Or are you selling a few dispute the fact they dislike you and think you are rude. Remember people can hear you smiling. And you are here to help the prospect. If you get mad & hostile when things go off script you will have a huge problem.

Also please please please, I can't stress this enough..... learn about "learning styles". If you get a visual doer like me on the phone and I ask to see something be ready to show me something.

I literally had to explain to her why I wanted the email. Which I never did get. That I was a visual learner and that while she was talking to me my attention was focused on my screen. Once I said that she finally directed me to another dealership so she could show me what it is they were selling.

I didn't have a clue what it was by listening. I simply don't absorb much info by listening alone (phones are bad for me, and I prefer texting for this reason).

What are the four learning styles?
  • Auditory: Listening
  • Visual: Seeing
  • Tactile: Touching
  • Kinesthetic: Doing & Moving (This is why I don't like drugging ADHD)
For those who wonder why I promote in person selling this is why. When you are on the phone you are only hitting Auditory Learners. Someone like me will stop paying attention very quickly and surf the net or something. In person on the other hand you can hit all four. You are talking and in front of them so that is Visual & Auditory. You can hand them things to touch to get the Tactile and finally depending on what you are selling you can get them involved in the doing for the Kinesthetic one.

Everyone is a mix of all of them. But my auditory is very low while my Kinesthetic is high. So for me you want an interactive presentation to keep me involved.

I meant this just as a rant but it was a good opportunity to teach a quick lesson on learning styles. If you would like to hear more tell me and when I have time I will make a longer post on them.
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    This is why scripts are far less effective than having and understanding a consistent sales process. She didn't know where she was in the process, so she has no choice but to hold on so tightly to her script. Unfortunately, the real world and real prospects don't follow your script.

    Second you point out how different people want information communicated in different ways. Just because you, the salesperson, like super-detailed 30 page keyword reports does NOT mean your prospects want it that way. They may want a 1 page summary...or a spreadsheet...or maybe even a video.

    How do you find out?

    Ask them. But nobody does.
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    When cold calling offices it is so easy to add the other senses. All she had to do was get me in front of the computer and send me to a page. Which she finally did which is what "sold" me on the call back and learning more. Of course she wasn't the selling she was an appointment setting I think and personally I dislike it as so often they don't know enough to sell it. And to sell me and many others on appointments you need to sell me on even wanting the product/service.

    eBay does a great job with this. Their account reps get you in a GOTO meeting ASAP on every call.
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