Here's how to supercharge your offline marketing efforts!

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Hello everyone,

I'm just doing a bit of market research before I spend the next couple month dabing away at a business idea that might be reasonable or not. I was just wondering how many internet / offline marketing monguls would use or think such a service is feasible.

Your responses, suggestions and critics will be greatly appreciated also everyone who leaves a response will be PM'ed with an evaluation copy.

So here it goes, I'm currently in development of a web service, which will energize your internet and offline marketing needs you'll be able to:

- Lookup business leads based on category and keywords (something similar to mobile renegade and localizer lead tool)
-------Name, Address, Phone, Website, Email
- Send single targeted or bulk postcards and direct mail letters to business from within the service (with different specifications)
-------Uploaded document or on site design.
- You'll be able to call & record your call directly from the service.
- You'll be able to manage favouroties, history, activities, groups.
- Auto dialing, based on your preference (groups) when a current call terminates.
- Send email and track which email was opened.
and more!

Please let me know what you think or suggestions you might have.
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    Sounds pretty cool actually.

    Kinda like an all in one service/platform. Lead scraping, dialer, direct mail, emailer. I do know a guy who already built something similar minus the direct mail....but if you could set it on autopilot to do a bunch of stuff while a caller automatically calls that would be good.
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