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I wanted to create this little thread to motivate some of you guys.

I closed a new client yesterday, small budget but a client is a client and they help pay the bills.

Last year around October 2012, I wrote a direct mail piece and sent it to about 60 address. Wasn't the best letter I admit but it still went out. Hand written, red private confidential stamp and all that.

I followed up with calls. To be honest I can't even remember if I called the whole list as I was still a newbie.

One of the prospects replied to me via email as he knew my business partner (part of the same networking group). So there's me thinking this is a hot lead. We got the meeting at our office, reports etc, didn't close. Had another meeting elsewhere as there was issues with the previous provider that needed to be resolved before they start. Waste of time to be honest.

Another prospect said that another person handles the marketing. I got her details and started talking about SEO. How she had a current company working with her but wasn't getting value but couldn't pull out due to contract. Despite my efforts to prove I was better than them (and she agreed ) nothing happened.

I did follow up calls to see where she was but as the site was on page 1, doing PPC, she was happy where she was so nothing came of it. As far as I was concerned, this lead was dead.

Fast forward June 2013, her rankings have dropped (she fired the last provider awhile ago) and now she needs my help. I got the meeting and closed the deal.

Here's how it happened

1. Direct Mail Piece (badly written, but this was key as it was passed on to the correct person)
2. Warm cold call
3. Rapport
4. Meeting
5. Deal closed

Nothing ground breaking here but just shows that putting yourself out there
whatever the method and selling yourself, will get you business at some point whether its today, tomorrow, or 6 months from now.

You can do it, I believe in you.

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    Way to go. I am sure that you will find more clients down the road.

    Persistence and never giving up is the key to success.
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    Good for you Michael. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sales is never easy, you need to be patient.Lead nurturing is important, you did well when you keep on following up.

    Hope you have more closes Michael.
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    Yep. Good job. Classic case of staying in touch, and being available with a helping attitude and being ready when they need the help. Trust seems to be the key to closing these types of deals with local business owners. When they know, like, and trust you, it makes it much easier to get the business. And if you can deliver some value out front, all the better.
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    I've heard stories like this many, many times.

    The reality is many of your best clients are going to come to
    you months or years after your first contact.

    I remember one member of got a client 4 years
    after the first contact.

    By that time she'd already had a lot of success and she was
    ready to charge serious fees so in a way it worked out better
    that it took so long.

    Many people have this idea that you should become rich overnight
    but not so many people are willing to do the ground work to build
    a really successful business.

    In business terms six months is not a long time.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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    That's the way to go Michael, indeed all your efforts made you close a deal. I believe that establishing a rapport is pretty crucial in convincing people to make business with you. Also you need to follow up on them every once in while to maintain the rapport you have build.
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    Congrats This makes me want to take another look and direct mail for sure.
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