Small multi-step campaigns or Mass cold prospecting?

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Hi, if your niche gives you the option of mass cold calling vs smaller multi-step campaigns to generate leads or appointments, which would you prefer and why?

Jordan Belfort says that having a bigger list is more ideal than smaller list, more followups. He says with the latter approach the connect ratio continues to plummet, making your telemarketing efforts less and less effective.
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    Hi there,

    Common senses says that if you have a mult-step campaign you can test and measure your results economically compared to tackling the entire list head-on.

    All the best,

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    I agree with Sasha... unless you have a marketing script you know works and converts well.. then by all means take on the big list. If you don't you need to test and find out what works and converts.. so breaking it down and doing the smaller multi-step campaigns to generate leads or appointments would make much more sense. Hope that helps.
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    There is a reason there are quotes that appear over and over again like:
    "inch by inch everything is a cinch"
    "call them by name"
    They apply to almost any endeavor including this one, if you are going to
    communicate with a person you need to know a bit about them so you pitch
    has value for them, try pitching to plumbers and lawyers at the same time
    and their values and interests are so far apart you will find it hard to hit either target. Bigger can be better but only if you stand a chance to connect with their interests

    Dale L Anderson

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    I agree with Daleshorse. Quality (building those relationships) has a better long term effect than playing the percentages from a big list. Best of Luck, whatever you do . . .

    Believe . . . .
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