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Okay, I'm about ready to start doing some offline sales (besides my own physical products business), but I could use some advice about fulfillment services, outsourcing content, SEO, good website creation, etc.

I know all about Odesk, Elance, Fiverr, etc and have used them all in the past. I'm just trying to get an idea of how much I should pay to have this stuff done?

Example, if I sell a new website to someone for $500.00 + $199.00 per month service charge, what should be included for those prices? What if it were $1000.00 + $299.00? How much of that should I be paying to my outsourcers? How much for the site and content? How much for the monthly services? Are you building the sites yourselves and just outsourcing content, header graphics, etc?

I'm just fishing for information. I enjoy what I do, but it can be stressful sometimes as far as having to stock inventory, get the bill paid on time each month, etc. It would be nice to be able to transition over to a proven system that I could work at least part time for awhile while I learn the ropes.

I'd appreciate any advice from those that are actually doing it.

Thanks in advance,

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    You have to partner up with the right outsourcer in order for you to have an operation where you only concentrate on selling while the actual work is getting taken care of.. about the profit margin it all depends how much you think your time is worth... remember even though you outsource the work. you are the one that deals with the client when he needs anything etc
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    • My personal opinion is that it's tough to secure a $200 a month maintenance contract on a $500 website. Generally if the website is that price, it's going to be a small site that requires very little maintenance or the client is not willing to pay any more.

      My suggestion would be to go in low, at maybe $25 - $50 a month and up sell add-ons from there. For example, one client I actually built their site for free as I believed they needed it (to prove my point) and have up sold services which range from $350 - $800 a month depending on what is required (newsletters, support, site changes etc).

      I've put together a list of website add-ons here which you could up sell to the $ numbers you are looking for. As I said, I'd go in cheap with a maintenance & support package and work from there.

      As for your outsourcing, I'd generally find someone on ODesk/Elance until you are at a stage to hire someone full time. Then either hire that outsourcer permanently or look up Chris Ducker's services (Google him - can't remember the name of his website).

      On ODesk/Elance look for people from the Philippines with 4 or 5 stars in your desired field with lots of jobs done. They will generally charge around $10 per hour so make sure it's economically viable for you. If you're charging a client $50 a month, make sure the actual work takes less than 2 hours so you are making $30 a month from the deal.
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