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by btyiw
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What would fall into the category of offline niches that most customers would need immediate to semi-immediate service for? So far based on my experience with lead generation, they've been plumbing and electrical work but I was hoping to build a more comprehensive list of niches. Anyone want to chime in?
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    Disaster relief is another really big service industry niche, especially after a hurricane or flood when customers are desperate for help.
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      Try adding "emergency", "24 hour", "24 hr", and "urgent" on to any service niche and you'll find some good ones.

      However, what you see already on this thread are the ones that come up most often.
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    Go to, or and sift through all the different business verticals. It will be easy to spot once you have a nice list to look at.
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    adult entertainers
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    Lot's of great niches provided already. I would add roofing, heating and cooling (hvac), and Urgent Care
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    Thanks a lot guys, keep them coming
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    Anyone who owns a small business will not likely require any advanced services, so I did a quick Google search for "small business ideas" and found a goldmine of niches looking for intermediate services. Here's some that came up, to name a few:

    Appliance Repair
    Message Therapist
    Pizza Parlor
    Wedding/Party Planner

    In my opinion, it's not about the niche. It's about whether the client wants to dominate their competition and top franchises in their niche. Someone who owns a small law firm isn't looking to compete with Baker & Mckenzie. Anyways, good luck,

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