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Anyone ever tried doing some promotional products marketing? I am planning to market using mouse pads, key chains, calendars, t - shirts.

Please advice
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    I think it will work for in local market but I just wonder how would you send it to distant location? If you have the right product i would say it should work to a degree. How would you distribute these mouse pads to people.
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      I have a stress reduction booklet and people have used it in various ways to grow their businesses. For instance, it was given out in tote bags in Texas at a yoga weekend. The contact info on cover then enables people to get in touch for private lessons or taking new classes etc. Also, a financial planner sent them out as a holiday gift to clients that she didn't see recently to reactivate them.

      I think you need to think about your focus. Are you trying to reach new customers? Reactivate older ones? If you are giving them away you can also include a coupon offer or a way to get them in the door.

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    Debbie's question about the type of customer you are trying to get, is relevant to be able to answer your question. That being said, I would focus on what will be in front of them and what is minimum expense to ship or hand out. Calendars expire, & key chains end up in a drawer, with the other key chains they have collected. I would look more at the mouse pads. Good Luck

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    What you are selling and who your are trying to reach will influence what you send but here are some basic "rules".

    1. What you send should be useful to your prospects. If it goes in the trash that is a waste to you and the prospects. Example: Crappy Pens vs. Quality Pens. Magnet with advertising on it vs. dry erase board magnet with a small ad.

    2. Whenever possible it should relate to what you are selling. You want them to think of you when using it. Example: Chevy Dealer giving out a Corvette Calendar.

    3. It should have enough value that they not only use it but feel like they "owe" you for it subconsciously.
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    I always like nifty products like mouse pads which have every day functionality and always puts your message in front of the customer when they user their comp.

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    Personally, I think that promotional sh*t is a bunch of garbage.

    I used to use it for real estate, I'd send all out kinds of stuff like magnet calendars,
    biz card magnets, pens, etc....

    Not one of the clients I listed or sold a house with said they called me because of
    my magnet or pen.

    They called when I started sending out hard-hitting, benefit filled postcards and direct mail.

    I've been doing this a long time, and honestly... you want to be different if you're going to stand out.

    And being different isn't sending a coffee mug or pen, it's sending something that either offers them incredible value, or makes you stand out as someone they must work with.

    A killer direct mail piece that shows the reader exactly what you can do for them... or sending them a free report with 10 top tips for their niche, etc...

    You stand out by helping them reach their goals.

    Why send them a 10 cent mousepad. They won't get a mouse pad and think "Sh*t, I just gotta hire this person cause they sent me a mouse pad"

    But send them a direct mail piece that shows them how you can make them an extra $100,000 this year and they're all ears.
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