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Hello to all,
For my social project am I looking for Offline agents in the USA.
These agents are responsible for the offline and online marketing and sales in their region.
On paper it all sounds very nice and a good agent can really make a lot of money. But that is on paper, no back to reality. I'm from Europe, my English level could be better and I have not really a good idea where to start.
Subject website: cars & tuning. We made a system that advertisers can GEO target their ads, sell products and add advertorials.

The website has already over 15.000.000 pages of content and growing.

So I hope that some of you have some idea's to help me out, to find the right way to attract agents.

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    I understand that you want agents to market your website about cars & tuning. I also understand that you have 15,000,000 pages of information about the subject & advertisers. I need clarification on how you set up your agents & advertisers in Europe. I am thinking that there should be many sources of advertiser, but I am not sure that is all you want. Please explain how you set it up in Europe. Thank you . .

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    All our content comes from users and advertisers.
    Also agents add content and help keeping the social network alive. Together with users they add and make the website.
    Advertisers can choose to buy directly online advertising space or contact an agent. Buying from an agent means they can get a discount. An agent can set his own price in his own region.
    Because agents live in there region, they know and visit local companies to sell them advertising space, they know already some advertisers and speak the local language.

    Beside the selling, marketing and promotion is important. They do link building with local website, but also they advertise and sponsor local car clubs, attend car events and flyer. All this attracts new visitors what means a higher turnover.

    This is in big lines how it is setup.
    www.DoeeX.com Do it - Do Extra
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    Hi there,

    Can you provide a link to your currently running website?

    All the best,

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      Hi Sasha,

      I have send you a PM with the URL


      www.DoeeX.com Do it - Do Extra
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    PM me the link as well.
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      Originally Posted by Aaron Doud View Post

      PM me the link as well.
      Just send you a PM, if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them.
      www.DoeeX.com Do it - Do Extra
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