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I'm looking for INFO on How To Cash In On "Google Carousel"! (see photo below)

When I type in "Eugene restaurants" (or any town restaurants) up comes 9 or 10 Photos (you can expand to see more photos) of restaurant websites in Eugene. You can now do this with any town.

I make videos for restaurants and I can still rank Videos below this "Carousel" so the Thumbnail is seen, however....I would LOVE to be able to have my client's restaurant's Photos shown in the first batch of photos and....I would especially LOVE to have an Active Link from that Photo to the restaurant's Video.

As I understand how it works now, Google chooses which photos and which restaurants are shown according to their logorithum and the only way to get a photo into a better position is to place LOTS of Photos of Food Plates onto the restaurant's website.

So....does anyone here know of a way to get some kind of "control" over placement of the Photos....or if there's a way to make the chosen Photo Link to a Video on the website?

If there's a way to do this....I'm SURE a restaurant owner would LOVE to Pay for this service.

Thank you,
Don Alm
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