Plumber Sure To Get Attention With His Sign

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    that is a classic. I love the "comfortable living specialists" tag phrase. Talk about a way to stick out in people's minds when needing a plumber.
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    Hah Love it !!! Now that's marketing..
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    If you are going to wrap it better draw attention.

    Love this.
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    I love this! in my town a local AC Repair place has a huge sign on the highway that the only thing it says is:


    Once you go to that domain thinking is something else it says.. is your wife hot then get her AC repair.... very original strategy
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    That one made me chuckle
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    haha, love it. Cept he might be forced to remove the graphic for causing accidents. haha. He's gotta be gettin lots of calls.

    that guy should send this photo to all the local media. they WILL feature him at the end of the news broadcasts, and in the paper. The best free advertising you'll ever get.

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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    Do you reckon he always has to wear the same colour top though!! LOL
    Simple Aquatics....Home Aquatics made simple
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    I've seen that pic floating around for a while on trade forums, love it and thanks for sharing it. Some plumbers have slogans like "We're Number One in the Number Two Business" that always make me laugh.
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    I love IT.
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    lol its funny , coole idea
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    Awesome share! Eye catching... and funny.

    All The Best,

    Rich Beck BCIP, MCSD, MCIS
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    Here's my guess at that photo's caption:

    "I have to go now."
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    That's the best I've ever seen. Thanks.
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    There is a Plumber here in Vegas with " A Flush Beats a Full House" LOL
    Skysponder is Live!
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      Last winter a rancher friend had a problem with kids on snowmobiles breaking thru one of his fences to get to the his hills.

      Knowing I'm an "Advertising Guy"....he asked me if I had any ideas to possibly stop keep them from breaking into his property.

      I gave him 2 suggestions;

      1) Post a BIG Sign across the gates that say;

      2) Install wireless, battery operated Motion Sensors near the gates that cause flood lights to come on

      These cut the trespassing down to nil.

      Don Alm
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