Offline Niches - Here's a Long List for You

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Seems like everybody & their cat is going after:

Lawyers etc.....

Please see the attached for some new ideas.

If you combine the attached X the number of cities you can target, well I doubt any of us could ever possibly step on each other's toes.

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    Thanks Ed - that's super helpful
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      Hi Ryan, Glad you found it useful.

      @Wealthy Minds....Thanks for the thanks. I just checked your profile. You were born the year I graduated High School (ha-ha).

      Us old codgers sometimes have problems seeing the forest because of all the trees blocking our view.

      Great to see many young (er) folks taking up the entrepreneurial spirit. Your generation has had internet as a way of life all your life.

      Many of you guys are innovative in ways I'd have never dreamed of.

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    Looks like a good list - thanks Ed
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      Yup, there's more than dentists and roofers in the world.
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  • This is extremely detailed. It definitly is worth it to download this. Thanks for this.
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    I have a plastic surgery group with sales / commissions sharing going on -- huge profit margins, willing to share the deal.

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    Nice list.

    Also, as a general rule of businesses that:

    1. Are driven by leads and sales teams

    2. Have high ticket price items / services

    3. Have high margins

    Best regards,
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    I am sorry but how I use the guide thanks
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  • Thanks for that. Some good keywords there as well
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    Thank you so much! What would you say lead fee should be for a doctor office - therapist or even infamous dentist?
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    That's awesome. It is going to help me brainstorm more ideas and take actions.

    Thanks again for sharing
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      Awesome list, Ed. Thanks so much!

      This is part of the reason why I keep coming back to this section of WF. The knowledge and support shared here are amazing.

      Thanks to all of you!
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