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What does that actually mean?

Is it people mentioning the actual FB page itself in their comments, or just the company name, or what exactly?

Anyone got any idea
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    "Talking about this" is for tracking engagement. So likes, comments, and shares of your pages posts.

    Don't think it includes when people tag the page in other posts but it may.
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  • It is pretty much tracking how many people are actually interacting with your page. I think it now includes the hash tags as well, Aaron. But I know before if they just mentioned your page name without linking back to it... It didn't count as a person talking about your page, when in reality they were.
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    OK so a page has say 370 likes, and shows 12 people 'talking about this' .

    When a business owner asks what that means to them, what can you tell them, how can you show them its a meaningful stat if indeed it is.

    Is it truly a sign of how engaging your page and its content are ?

    So how can this be used to either influence business owners that whilst they have a page its not working as well as it could be.


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    12 talking about this is a very low number. It means not many are engaging with the page. Now that FB Graph has rolled out, it is even more important that people are engaged with your client's page. The more engagement a page has, the more likely a page will show up in a FB Graph search.
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    OK thanks Brenda and others previously, the numbers are just examples, not important, but what does it actually mean, how is it calculated, what is judged to be 'talking about this page' ?

    So which of the following would count as 'talking about this page' ?
    1. if I shared a piece of content from that page
    2. if I liked the page
    3. if I linked to the page independently in my own timeline
    4. if I commented on the page itself
    5. if I commented about the page independently on my own timeline
    6. if I mentioned the company name independently on my own timeline
    any other suggestions?


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