How would you market this local business?

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Hey guys,

A friend of mine is starting a gourmet cookie business. He dosen't have a location, he is going to be selling in farmers markets, local retail/coffee shops and wholesale dough to restaurants.

He came to me asking how he should market (to consumers as well as restaurant/store owners) both offline and online.

Anyone have some creative ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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    I'd suggest social media. I'd suggest videos he puts on a Facebook fan page that makes him different. I suggest him/her having a "personality" and then advertising those videos via Facebook PPC to the business verticals he/she is wanting to target.

    In the videos, start by telling the story. Why cookies? What makes them different? Who are you? Etc...

    Give a reason for people to fall in love with these cookies.
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    About online marketing, these are so many classified ad sites where users can just register and post a free ad.
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    For marketing to consumers, I think Voasi has good advice about facebook. I would highly suggest that he gets some good packaging together though because that's actually more important than the quality of the product.

    for marketing to restaurants, I think that sending samples (with good packaging) and a personal letter to the prospects would be a fantastic strategy to consider.
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      I'd send samples to companies that lease out space for meetings/events that don't do catering.

      I'd make friends with the management of office buildings, let them make me put flyers in the lobby. Or, better yet, a stand, at lunch time, where the people in the offices walk by on their way out to lunch.

      Also, hospital cafeteria is not that hot. A lot of people work in hospitals who might like a cookie now and again that's got some taste to it. So, maybe approach businesses around hospitals, ask them to carry a few cookies.

      I live close to one hospital. There's a bagel place (they make their own bagels and sandwiches) but they also sell cookies that someone else makes. I have no idea what the cut is.
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    Checkout the two websites below. You'll find some amazing marketing ideas and suggestions.

    The guy from Element Bars was on Shark Tank

    Element Bars - Custom Energy Bars and Custom Protein Bars
    Chocolate Bars by Chocomize | Custom chocolate your way!
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    Hi, you can use social media, local classified ads And flayers.

    Marketing to restaurants online is't easy. Because they are always busy ! So i would suggest, to set-up appointment with them and then visit them physically.
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    Go to local/regional food shows.
    contact local food distributors, probably smaller specialty distributors.
    contact regional chains- cstores/restaurants/gift shops
    enter them into multiple contests to get PR/notoriety
    contact large local fundraising organizations, many of them sell cookie dough now.

    you have to have something very novel or custom as a gift for online sales as it will be very expensive. Other than calling on local companies for corporate gifts for their clients (monthly/quarterly program with a different cookie.)

    IM and social media to sell a cookie here and there to individuals is largely a loser proposition. Unless you started a network marketing cookie party business.

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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      I know a gal who makes great Fudge. She set up a "route" of Hotels/Motels (10 in each of 10 towns) where she places her Fudge (in plastic bags) in a striking display near the front desk.

      Charges $1 for each bag. She makes the fudge and has people she pays to deliver.

      Tourists are HUNGRY.

      You could do the same thing with cookies.

      Don Alm
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