Back End Products for a House Painting Company?

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Hi, a friend of mine with 0 knowledge of marketing runs a house painting company. Average ticket is $3,000 with no back end sales or followup. Priority one is repeat business & referrals. After that I know we need a back end but not sure what since I'm not a home improvement type of guy (or is that even the target market here?).

What back end products & services would you guys offer?
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    Firstly, segment the customers by interior and exterior painting.

    For the home owners who paid for exterior painting the back end could be a discount or some type of offer for interior work. How about re-caulking around bathtubs with a new bathroom paint job? The bathroom in many cases is the wives sanctuary and if it needs a little sprucing, no husband worth a damn wouldn't pay for that.
    How about interior leak repairs to ceilings and walls?
    Crown molding install with seal and finish can add a real nice touch as well. (Most painters know how to do minor carpentry work, if your pal doesn't he needs to learn)

    For those who've hired him for interior work the opposite would hold true.
    For example: Deal on exterior door repainting. Deal on exterior window frame prep and repainting, deal on exterior fascia prep and repainting, deal on cleaning, prepping, and painting of those old faded roof vents?
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    Awesome advice, thanks!


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      I know a house painting company owner. They draywall your basement and install floors too. They install windows, doors, build decks. They fix gutters, repair or install fences and gates. But they're main thing is painting.
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        You know why a Roofers like Roof Repair? Cuz he can turn it into a Roof Replacement. Repair is just an entry level service offering.

        A Interior/Exterior Painting Contractor could expand upon his/her business by offering "Handyman" services.....again, another entry level offering to get your foot in the door to bigger/better projects.

        You would want to check with the state licensing boards to determine how a Handyman is defined, but it most cases, there are a lot of things you can do without even needing a contractor's license.

        Painter --> Handyman --> Tons of Projects

        ....oh and by the way, you'll find that there is a pretty significant demand for Handyman services if you do your keyword research correctly.

        Good Luck!

        - Shockwave
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