Fastlane from job-killer paydays to end game

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This came up today on a marketing plan consultation.

Because he was starting up, he has a great opportunity to map out
how the business will look in the future.

And plan for the ideal outcome, end game.

This leads into the business model that powers
your fastlane drive.

His initial goal was to upsell 3 different services.

Those 3 services are the whole business of other companies.

So we moved onto a model where there is good up front cashflow
and residual easy to get and deliver.

And this residual then becomes the main saleable asset.

He can get industry stats showing the multiple of the residual revenue
to put a valuation on them.

Knowing that number per customer,
sets up the fast growth machine, fully funded by good front end cashflow.

Keeping the business plan simple so there a low number of moving parts
allows for fast self funded expansion.

That's how real high valuation businesses are built.

Are you looking at your business as a saleable asset
which would be highly prized?

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