Upsells to existing customers?

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Let's brainstorm here. Help everyone out.

What are some upsells you use to upsell customers or to sweeten a deal and close it.

We are looking for high margin services that require relatively minimal bandwidth.

Prices below are rough estimates of value you could establish for that product or what you could sell it for.

Here's a few:

Website Design:
Mobile Webiste-$250/$500
Set Up Social Media Setup And Optimization-$500 (Includes custom covers)
Custom Video-$250
Logo Design-$250

Review Management-$150 mo
Social Media Management-$200 mo
PPC Audit-$150

Does anybody have anything else?
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      Originally Posted by abelamorales View Post

      Onsite SEO
      You don't include that with your SEO campaign? Isn't that going to make your job much easier?
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        Email Marketing? Anybody do that for their clients? Set them up with a newsletter or help them get their names in a database?
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    It all depends on what type of business it is. Every business is different and the marketing plan changes on most niches. I always found best way to upsell is by bundling, give them a few options to pick and the more they choose the more they save. Make sure to include how much they are saving on each package so they can compare.
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    The upsell is after you're already in the drivers seat.

    It would take me to long to lay this out for you but if you're looking to make a few bucks in your home town do this:

    - Go to a directory like Yellow Pages, Manta, those kinda directories
    - Search your town
    - Click on any of the website links to any business site listed
    - Notice their crappy website? If it's responsive most likely it's broken, still crappy
    - Now use your smart phone to search for that business
    - On your mobile device you'll notice one of two things. They have a mobile site and it's crappy or they don't have a mobile site
    - Go to Duda. Create a free mobile site for that business
    - Go to the business with your mobile phone and show them what their site looks like on a mobile device.
    - Sell them on your service for $595. Note this price.
    - Go back to Duda and have their pros create the mobile site for the $499 they charge
    - You do this for 6 businesses and you make a portfolio of your mobile sites
    - Once you have 6 businesses under your belt, up your price to what ever you want


    - Website design
    - Optin email marketing using aWeber (Only aWeber cause it's easy)

    You can add whatever other services you want to the upsell.

    Just two steps:

    - Foot in the door with mobile
    - Upsell everything else to same customers

    If you start this today by this time next year you'll be making 6 figures without breaking a sweat.
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  • I have a few suggestions here that works for me (I'm in the business):

    Website maintenance (wordpress updates, plugins, website monitoring, backups etc)
    Website support (fixing issues, adding content, setting up email addresses etc)
    Social media (Twitter/FB)
    Selling hosting
    General consulting were I suggest efficiencies and new products to customers
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