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In May, this lady's car was forced over the side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge into the water. Somehow she survived.

The bridge is 186 feet tall at its highest point, and the railings are only a bit over two feet high. It is one of the longest bridges in America.

It can be scary. Here is another person's story:

"I had an experience where someone came over their lane, and I literally thought they would hit me," she says. "Because it was two lanes going one way and one lane going the other way, and I was going towards them, and I swerved and came close to hitting the side of the bridge.

"My legs started shaking, I started to panic," she continues, "and I literally had to like prevent myself from hyperventilating, just stopping on the bridge."

Some people are so terrified to drive across they will pay someone to do it for them. For $25-$30, a driver will meet you on one side of the bridge, and take the wheel while you shut your eyes and grip the hand rest with all your might.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Drive-Over Company Charges $25 To Anxious Customers

If you are a good driver with insurance and nerves of steel, I'll bet you could do this, too--assuming there is a big scary bridge near you.

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    I had to drive a Royal Thai Air Force HMMWV (Humvee) across Bangkok the other day.....Thinking the whole while that I wasn't getting paid enough for this!

    It's over 7 feet wide & the steering wheel is on the wrong side. It was actually fun!

    There were 2 other HMMWV's & one ran out of fuel, we got lost, driving all over town. Quite the adventure.
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