"But Will It Work For Me?"

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Oh those nasty questions they don't tell you.

If you make a point of answering these 3
silent questions a prospect has, then you are closer to a done deal.

"Will it work in my situation?"

"Does he really understand my situation?"

"Can I trust you?"

Some very probing questions...right?

Now when you've been close to buying where a considerable sum of money
is involved, it's likely you've had those questions or variants of them.

So lets go through them, see why they are asked and how you can answer them.

"Will It Work In My Situation?"

It can be the woman searching for the right dress to hide the bad bumps she has.

Ever heard her say "Does this make my butt look big?" lol.

The owner of a car repair shop wants to know whether a website will work for him
because he is the only one in a town of 7,000 people.

A dress and a website that works for others, but wants to know
if it will work in a individual situation.

So knowing these individual situations, you can say the
dress is especially designed to hide butt bumps.

The website is especially designed for car repair shops in small towns.

"Does He Really Understand My Situation?"

This one is part of the first question. the buyer wants to see that you
understand his situation, because if you don't, he thinks you can't solve his problem.

"I'm a individual, I don't care about the generic solution!"

You can answer this by giving out case studies how a company in their industry
had a nagging problem which was costing them in this way and in this way.

And you turned it around by doing X.

The case study can be just in 2 parts...

The Challenge
The Solution

It's good to memorize at least one case study that is short and covers those
2 parts without any middle filler.

"Can I trust You"?

People talk about attention being the currency of today.

Once you get attention you have to build trust.

Buyers from all walks of life have experienced been let down, cheated and lied to.

So before handing over money, the buyer feels the stress of making a decision.

At some stage he will check for red flags, just as you would too.

By centred on a problem that is specific to a sub sector
that's uniquely solved, then you gain trust. No red flags show up.

Answering one of the questions help with the other two.

Getting all 3 answered and you build a water tight case for
what you've got.

Think of it as helping the person make a buying decision through guidance.

Just as a trusted advisor would do.

As a doctor would do.

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    Hi there,

    Is there any such thing as "a water tight case"?

    All the best,

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      Originally Posted by SashaLee View Post

      Hi there,

      Is there any such thing as "a water tight case"?

      All the best,

      Probably not Lex.

      I think of what a trial lawyer would do to get his client off a prison term.

      High stakes and I think that's where the term came from.

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