Scaling and growing - What happens when you have exhausted your local area?

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Hi guys,

Hope your all well...just had a quick question....

Imagine you are selling web design/SEO services to local businesses that need them, but it gets to a point where you have exhausted your local area in terms of service based businesses that need web design/SEO what do you guys do you just move onto the next area....and just spend more time travelling to see the client, or hire a salesrep in that next town so you dont have to keep spending so much time travelling to meet clients?/

Look forward to your replies...
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    Move into a new vertical. There are plenty of non service based businesses that need the same services.
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    You could do any of the things you mentioned. It is up to you how to expand.

    That said if you have truly tapped out the local market you should have several employees already so adding sales people for other cities would IMO make the most sense.
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    You move onto the next area, town or city with your services. If travel is not possible you could hire someone in that area to do the selling

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    Are you working solo or do you have a team?

    If you are able to let the original company run without much involvement (ie. you have a manager). I would suggest taking a business plan and starting the exact same company in a different market (corporate owned or even offer a franchise)
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    there are thousands of regular consultants that have millions of clients, network with those consultants and joint venture to bring your expertise to their clients.

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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    I have never sold Web Design and SEO. Mainly sell Local Search Marketing, Google Adwords, Social Media and Content Marketing. These are services that you can charge on a monthly basis. Go back to all your Web/SEO clients and get some monthly marketing clients. :-)

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    How are you so sure you've exhausted your local area?

    You don't need to travel to see clients. I'd start with surrounding areas or other cities you're familiar with (e.g. lived there before or visit often).
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    Claude I agree with you in the hour drive. 1-1.5 Drive you can cover a lot of ground and surround area and there are 1000s of businesses so I will take a lot to exhaust an area. Choose a different niche, set yourself some type of radius example 100miles and cover all the towns within that radius etc
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    I've had clients from all over the world so I can tell you this
    is not as big a problem as you might think.

    There are 2 or 3 main sources of clients out of your local area
    and some will happen quite naturally if you're doing the basics.

    # 1: Referrals.

    If you're asking everyone you talk to who they know who
    might benefit from your services you're going to be referred
    to prospects who don't live in your local area.

    You really don't need to meet a client in person to help

    I have clients I have never even talked to on the phone so
    it's certainly possible to make people some serious money
    without meeting face to face.

    The great thing about being recommended by someone else
    is that you don't have to work hard to get hired.

    They already trust you because someone they know and trust
    has told them you can get the job done for them.

    # 2: Niching.

    As you get some experience with paying clients you're going
    to notice that some clients in some industries relate to you
    better and are more profitable...probably due to your unique
    back ground and skill set.

    Once you've identified a niche that's profitable for you it's not
    too difficult to start directly contacting prospects in that niche
    by email and direct mail...even by phone in other parts of your
    state, country and even the world.

    Potentially this can be highly lucrative for you because you can
    reuse the same systems you've already developed for multiple

    That means less work for you for the same pay and better still
    it means you'll be using methods and strategies that you know

    It also gives you more time to hone and refine what's working in
    one industry so you become the leading expert at marketing in
    that industry.

    # 3: Contacting prospects by email or making contact with
    them by being active online in various ways.

    If you're active in certain niches or even just active online in
    general with various interests you're going to come in contact
    with a wide range of people around the world who you know you
    can help.

    They're a potential source of paying clients.

    Also people who you admire who might make good clients you can
    contact by email to tell them how much you admire them and why.

    That's an easy way to open up communication and it could lead to
    getting hired at some point in the future.

    Really I'm just scratching the surface here.

    The main takeaway point is that you're really not limited to just your
    local area with clients.

    You have prospects all across your state, your country and the world
    to choose from and you really don't need to see them in person to get

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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