21 Year Old Kid Gets Off His Butt

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I was at a BBQ this weekend and a 21 year old was there with his wife and new baby. He was complaining about his job.

I'll admit I'm a little rough around the edges. Any how I said "why don't you get off your butt and start your own business".

He, his wife and others at the BBQ started the "can't cry".

Of course every time I say stuff like that I get called out.

You make it sound easy they said. My reply is, it is easy.

What would you do he asked.

I pointed to the neighbour's house and said. I installed over 3,000 attic fans back in the day, you could do the same.

Next thing he said is you can't make money doing that.

My reply: I made between $120 and $250 a fan. Usually installed 2-3 fans each house. (Revealed my secret selling technique) and mentioned how many houses I did per day.

That got his attention.

He asked what he needed to get started. I made him a list of tools he needed on a napkin. Drew the flyer layout on the other side of the napkin.

Then I explained that he can offer wind turbines, electric fans or solar attic fans all at different price points. Laid it all out for him. Even told him how to do it without having any stock.

That was Saturday morning. He called this afternoon (Monday) thanked me. He made over $1500. I gave him another tip about buying the fans dirt cheap and operating his business out of a self storage facility.

I've made my mark a long time ago.

My message to you young whipper snappers is never say "can't" because you can do anything if you think out of the box.

Forget the online game. Use the internet as a tool to sell something real people want and some cases need. Start now!
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    It's amazing how many people think a business involves investing your live savings and mortgaging your house.

    In reality many of the best one or two person businesses require little to no investment to get started and you can be up and running making money in your first week or your first month.

    These tiny businesses often grow to employ locals and put a huge percentage of every dollar they take back into the local economy.

    It's amazing what you can do if you just look for ways to be of service to others.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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      In my mind the issue is that as we are brought up and go through schooling, the emphasis is always on "you must get a good job", this puts limited thinking on the individual and in most cases they find it very difficult to change their mindset to believe that they can successfully go it alone.

      I was watching a TV programme the other day, about out of work people, and they were all saying "I can't get a job", not one of them was looking for other opportunities (legal ones anyway)!

      It took me many years to realise this myself!!
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    You guys are right. Opportunities are everywhere. More now than ever before. Like you say Timmy most of us are trained to fail, but some of us can't be trained because we think for ourselves. Some think out-of-the-box which is even better.

    Every person on this forum can succeed beyond their wildest dreams by helping offline business owners get their businesses online the right way. All they have to do is erase "can't" from their vocabulary.
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    Okay the idea is great, and it's awesome your friend took action, but I gotta say your friend is a beast or is living in a rich area or something, because 1500 in just 2 days is kind of crazy if you ask me, and in 2 days he probably didn't get an official license either so that hinders in getting customers and pricing them a bit higher. But hey it worked for him, so great job!
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    Any chance we could get a copy of that napkin (front and back)
    Snoop on your competitors, research keywords, run seo audits, monitor keywords, includes powerful PPC tools.
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    This sure sounds inspiring. Sometimes, the most important thing is- stop complaining and get to work.
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  • What a powerful and smart story. Glad to know things have gone very well with the guy! It's always nice seeing a person succeed!
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    If you guys are needing cash fast - another twist on this would be to go find attic fan companies and ask them how much commission they would give you as an independent rep.

    Then make your flyers and go make some sales.
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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